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ENTICEEnvironment & Nature Training Institute for Conservation Education (Illinois Department of Natural Resources)
ENTICEEnabling Teamwork, Interprofessional Collaboration and Education (Ontario, Canada)
ENTICEEmergent Networks Telecommunications Infrastructure Control Environment
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After a thorough evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the incident, it is the unanimous opinion of the members of the Board of Directors of Cebu Football Association that the team officials of both Ateneo de Cebu and Alcoy FC lost control and miserably failed to prevent the players on the bench from entering the playing field of their respective players," stated the CFA Board in its decision read by lawyer Julius Ceasar Entice of the discipline committee.
This is in all likelihood an attempt by Iran to entice more foreign investment into its upstream segment.
Entice is a mythical adventure of pixies, humans, and weres.
A chilling, mysterious sci-fi horror that manages to entice with its ghosts and dangers, then challenge the reader to think about ethical issues and genetic experiments.
Entice Him' is aptly created with infusions of bergamot, vetiver, patchouli and white musk, thus allowing the male to relish the memorable and treasured joy that comes from Entice, he added.
Viene del verbo entice que significa algo asi como <<atraer o incitar fuertemente, de forma inusitada o inevitable>>.
In response to floundering sales in the industry over the past several years, the organization has announced the launch of a multimedia campaign, which aims to entice consumers back to the pleasures of fragrance.
Worldwide Computer Products News-3 June 2009-Stratus' ENTICE platform implemented by World Discount Telecommunications(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The business sector has a good opportunity with the lower pound to look to the eurozone market to entice people to come and get a bargain.
Combining Emerging's ENTICE (Emerging Network Telecommunication Infrastructure Environment) open solutions call control platform with the Stratus CSB (Converged Service Broker), the solution allows access and control over the control, media and service plane streams of fixed and mobile networks, enabling convergence of services regardless of network or protocols.
An eclectic anthology sure to entice poetry lovers with its medley of fresh ideas.
Full-color graphic novel pages entice kids to read the Bone adventures, and even newcomers will find it easy to jump in.