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ENUEnglish (USA)
ENUEdinburgh Napier University (UK)
ENUExternal Nonhostile Unstructured
ENUEnglish Unit
ENUEthyl Nitrosourea
ENUEast North Up (navigational coordinate system)
ENUEuropean Network of the Unemployed
ENUEurasian National University (Astana, Kazakhstan)
ENUError Notification Utility
ENUElectrical Network Unit (Marconi Reltec)
ENUEncaustic Network Unlimited
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Okyeame Isaac Quarm, Linguist of Essiama, a town in the Ellembelle District of the southern part of the region, who spoke on behalf of Nana Enu Kwagyan (II), indicated that their expectations had not been met since commencement of oil production.
Medical nutrition company Trovita Health Science revealed on Friday a joint marketing and development partnership for its ENU Nutrition meal replacement shakes with Cambrooke Therapeutics, a member of The Ajinomoto Group.
Nafotim, Filia Enu and her parents represent the Igbo ethnic group, Dan Kaybi, Nida and Musa Kaybi represents the Hausa ethnic group and Yusuf Alabi represents the Yoruba ethnic group.
where r = [[x.sub.1] [x.sub.2] [x.sub.3]].sup.T] and v = [[v.sub.1], [v.sub.2], [v.sub.3]].sup.T] denote the position and velocity vectors, respectively, with respect to the ENU coordinate frame.
thermophilum strain with higher xylanase activity was successfully selected with 2-DG after random mutation with ENU. This procedure for xylanase hyperexpression can be used for other fungal strains as well.
Moreover, there was a trend of linear increase of NB (p<0.06) and ENU (p<0.07) with the increase in the amount of starch in the supplement.
The DNA-seq data was subjected to bioinformatics analysis to recognize the potential variants caused by ENU by comparing mutant (affected) with C57BL/6J database.
In experiments performed in Chinese hamster lung fibroblast V79 cells, vanillin reduced the frequencies of 6-thioguanine-resistant mutations induced by UV, X-ray, and ENU [46].
Therefore wild Brevibacterium flavum was exposed to random mutation and screened out a mutant strain induced by a chemical mutagen, N- nitroso N- ethyl urea (ENU).
Heinaluoma is an Honorary Professor of Gumilev ENU.
* Enu: a nutritional shake with no added sugars and very few added preservatives
The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan opened the first such department at the Eurasian National University (ENU) in Astana; state universities in Kostanai, Pavlodar and Kyzylorda are next on the list.