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ENUMElectronic Numbers
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government recently announced its support for ENUM, an emerging standard that could simplify personal communications by providing a single point of contact for telephone and Internet communications.
Two key applications that ENUM will make possible for the first time is the ability to call a PC from the public-switched telecommunicatton network (PSTN) and to determine what type of terminal is associated with the number.
In addition, Shockey has helped develop several commercial products based on ENUM, the protocol devised to enable routing of IP-based calls and services using telephone numbers.
The ENUM standard has been around for a few years, and while there are many test-beds underway, mostly in Europe, there are no widespread commercial services based on it.
ENUM will make it possible to call a PC from the public-switched telecommunication network (PSTN) and to easily determine what type of terminal is associated with the number.
Fixed-line carriers and mobile operators that have deployed the NetNumber TITAN server can now query the XConnect registry via SIP and ENUM methodologies to identify routing details for millions of telephone numbers operated by service providers globally," said Douglas Ranalli, NetNumber's founder and chief strategy officer.
The CC1 ENUM LLC was created in August 2004 to address implementation issues surrounding ENUM.
Our recent release of ENUM support on the IMG 1010, along with XConnect's peer service, will give carrier customers reduced operating expenses, faster connection times and improved call quality.
Eli Katz, Founder and CEO of XConnect will deliver a VON Industry Perspective "End-to-End IP: New Services, ENUM based Peering, and the End of LCR" on June 14th from 10:10 - 10:40.
The Pulver 100 is the IP Communications industry's first and foremost award listing, and it continues to grow in significance, because companies like XConnect, continue to spread IP communications via their VoIP Peering and ENUM solutions said Carl Ford, Vice President of Content and Community for Pulvermedia.
Carriers exploit DirectRoute by implementing a query of the XConnect ENUM Registry, discovering which of its calls are destined for registered subscribers and can thus be delivered directly, and at lower cost, into the network of the applicable service provider, without unnecessary transit steps and quality degradation.
XConnect is the world's first and largest provider of 'Plug and Peer' VoIP federation-based interconnection & ENUM services dedicated to connecting VoIP operators and enabling rich multi-media end-to-end IP communication.