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ENUMElectronic Numbers
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An industry first, the agreement allows XConnect customers to query PathFinder for call routing information and also to allow their numbers to be published to the GSMA Carrier ENUM community.
We found this trial tremendously useful in familiarising ourselves with the practicalities involved in using ENUM.
Interested parties organized into a group called the ENUM Forum have agreed that the best way to introduce ENUM in the US would be to form a limited liability corporation, which would receive contractual authority to run ENUM from the government.
ENUM already has support from 13 other countries, and an international telecommunications body has been working to set global standards.
Two key applications that ENUM will make possible for the first time is the ability to call a PC from the public-switched telecommunicatton network (PSTN) and to determine what type of terminal is associated with the number.
Shockey is a founder and has been co-chair since 2002 of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) ENUM Working Group.
Twenty-four countries have received ENUM delegation of their country codes**, 10 countries have started public ENUM trials***, and service providers are starting private and carrier ENUM trials.
CC1 ENUM LLC is seeking to build a commercial implementation consistent with the relevant open standards of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) upon which ENUM is based.
Instra's Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Barton, noted, "We are really excited to breathe new life into ENUM.
Phone numbers that are registered and use ENUM can use a universal identifier or single number, commonly called "Find me, Follow Me" number that will allow them to configure how they receive communications based on specific criteria their physical location or time of day via intelligent routing technology using DNS.
The ENUM standard has been around for a few years, and while there are many test-beds underway, mostly in Europe, there are no widespread commercial services based on it.
The CC1 ENUM LLC was created in August 2004 to address implementation issues surrounding ENUM.