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ENUMElectronic Number Mapping
ENUMElectronic Numbers
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As per the announcement made by the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies, the sole purpose of adding this webpage is to highlight their services of developing module and/ or application for ENUM and CNAM lookup.
To achieve certification, Huawei demonstrated compatibility with the ENUM standard which means that the company can query and understand results from other carrier ENUM implementations.
"Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM, from E.164 NUmber Mapping) is a suite of protocols and technologies used to unify the telephone numbering system E.164 with the internet addressing system (DNS), by using a technical method called indirect lookup method.
"We found this trial tremendously useful in familiarising ourselves with the practicalities involved in using ENUM. Cooperation between operators is crucial in establishing how to make the telephone number a universal means to link up with IP-based applications.
Interested parties organized into a group called the ENUM Forum have agreed that the best way to introduce ENUM in the US would be to form a limited liability corporation, which would receive contractual authority to run ENUM from the government.
ENUM already has support from 13 other countries, and an international telecommunications body has been working to set global standards.
Two key applications that ENUM will make possible for the first time is the ability to call a PC from the public-switched telecommunicatton network (PSTN) and to determine what type of terminal is associated with the number.
Service providers using the Proxy7 Signaling Gateway to bridge between the PSTN and VoIP can now substantially reduce their termination costs to VoIP numbers in the XConnect ENUM registry.