ENVGEnhanced Night Vision Goggles
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Because the FWS-I wirelessly transmits a video signal of the weapon sight to the ENVG III, a soldier will be able to accurately fire his weapon without having to bring the weapon up to eye level.
The helmet-mounted ENVG is the Army's most advanced night vision goggle that lets soldiers see through smoke and dust, and in complete darkness.
When you wear the AN/PSQ-20, you also need to wear the ENVG ACH cover.
The ENVGs very much represent the state-of-the-art as far as soldier image fusion is concerned but, attractive as this product may be the company notes that it is not available for export.
PEO Soldier has been working on a fused imaging system since 2000 and is still perfecting the ENVG.
So if the rifle sight is looking a little bit to the right, you will see the image a little bit to the right in the ENVG [enhanced night vision goggle]," he said.
The thermal capabi 1 ity makes the ENVG useful during the day as well," said LTC Schneider.
The ENVG has a weight of 900 grams, including the helmet mount and the four AA batteries which ensure 7.
Several engineering enhancements to the ENVG improved its fit and function--for example, moving the helmet mount's center of gravity closer to the face to increase comfort as well as stability.
Soldiers can wirelessly tailor information displays in their ENVG.
We have already seen a glimpse of sensor fusion via the AN/PSQ-20 ENVG design which utilises both thermal and intensified imaging to enhance the users' situational awareness.