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ENVIEnvironment for Visualizing Images
ENVIEnvironment for Visualizing Images (image processing software; Research Systems, Inc.)
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Based on ENVI, ITT's premier image processing and analysis solution, ENVI EX now provides ArcGIS users with the superior image analysis methods and algorithms trusted by imagery professionals for years.
This enables Chrysler to create a large multi-disciplinary team focused on bringing ENVI vehicles to market quickly.
Chrysler LLC and A123Systems signed an agreement stating that A123Systems will supply energy storage systems for Chrysler's first-generation ENVI Range-extended Electric Vehicles and battery-only Electric Vehicles.
ENVI Services Engine will make information from airborne and satellite imagery available to forward-deployed military and intelligence personnel via mobile devices.
The company s 150,000 customers from more than 80 countries use our custom services and products ENVI, E3De, IDL and IAS to quickly and easily visualize, analyze and deliver all types of data and imagery for better, more informed decision making.
Our research has identified a clear 'sweet spot' in the market where we presently have a very cost effective solution with our ENVI clean [TM] system" reported Geoffrey Pershick, EnviroResolutions' Sales Director.
Pink Sheets: ENVI), a publicly traded company on the pink sheets, is pleased to announce the first installation of its ENVI clean[TM] Bioenergy System at leading British Columbia based industrial greenhouse, Katatheon Farms, Inc.
Chrysler has successfully worked with A123Systems, both directly and through USCAR, for more than 3 years to improve the technology for automotive applications," said Lou Rhodes, Vice President-Advanced Vehicle Engineering and President of ENVI.
The ENVI segment is part of a 30-minute broadcast that will run in 25 major U.
Last month, at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Company showed five ENVI vehicles, reinforcing a commitment to developing and bringing to market a broad array of advanced electric vehicles for the Chrysler, Jeep(R) and Dodge brands.
Liu brings an academic and industry background in Mechanical and Chemical engineering to ENVI that will advance the commercialization of our ENVI-clean[TM] Scrubber in its full range of applications," stated ENVI Director Ken McClelland.
Contract Awarded for 40x ENVI and 10x ENVI+IDL licences