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Beyond this court, let there be an inward court, of the same square and height; which is to be environed with the garden on all sides; and in the inside, cloistered on all sides, upon decent and beautiful arches, as high as the first story.
But the beauty and regularity of the new town of Edinburgh, its romantic castle and its environs, the most delightful in the world, Arthur's Seat, St.
*By winged Fantasy, My embassy is given, Till secrecy shall knowledge be In the environs of Heaven."
In the environs there was almost nothing, hardly even a few grasses, with some dwarf mimosas and stunted bushes.
The bruit flew fra Carrick to Galloway, and so suddenly assembled herd and hyre-man that pertained to the band of the Kennedies; and so within a few hours was the house of Denure environed again.
He himself slept peacefully and snored aloud, yet my heart was sore for him, wicked as he was, to think on the dark perils that environed and the shameful gibbet that awaited him.
The Comte de la Fere inhabits the Castle of Bragelonne, in the environs of that city."
Environ as a respected and trusted global Professional Skincare brand.
Environ Sci Technol 28(11):1838-1842; doi:10.1021/es00060a013.
The acquisition of Environ is an important milestone in fulfilling this ambition.
17 December 2014 - Denmark-based engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll has acquired the US-based environmental and health sciences consultancy Environ, the company said on Wednesday.