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ENVISATEnvironmental Satellite
ENVISATEnvironment Satellite
ENVISATEuropean Space Agency Environmental Satellite
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Sentinel-5P, also known as Sentinel-5 Precursor, was designed to reduce data gaps between Envisat and Nasa's Aura mission and the launch of Sentinel 5.
The authors have used datasets acquired between 1992 and 2009 by the ERS 1/2 and Envisat satellites to calculate surface deformations.
Study on ocean vertical deflection of ENVISAT satellite altimetry along-track geoid gradient(in Chinese).
Third, GLONASS benefits at much lower revisit time (8 days) than Envisat satellite (35 days [6]).
A north-to-south or south-to-north moving satellite is usually a meteorological or Earth environmental satellite such as Envisat.
27] Flood extend in Albania, January 11, 2010 ENVISAT ASAR (http://www.
For Radarsat-1 and ENVISAT, ISB was corrected by updating roll angle and correcting range dependent gain by using overlap regions of two neighboring subswaths assuming RAPs are known [18].
Its multispectral medium resolution imaging spectrometer (MERIS) sensor on Envisat mapped existing water resources and vegetation in the Kafue River Basin and identified potential dam sites.
Usamos imagenes radar de dos pasos orbitales descendentes diferentes del satelite ENVISAT de la Agencia Europea del Espacio (ESA), adquiridas durante el periodo Noviembre 2010-Julio 2011.
Obtained imagery included 8-day averaged MODISAqua chlorophyll concentrations, 8-day averaged MODIS-Terra sea surface temperatures, and near-real time Envisat sea surface height anomaly fields.
Just a few months earlier, though, because of a manmade environmental disaster in space, Envisat had experienced a near calamity of its own.