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ENVISATEnvironmental Satellite
ENVISATEuropean Space Agency Environmental Satellite
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Table 1 Satellite International Hubble Iridium Envisat Space Station Telescope Satellites Speed 7.
The images were taken by a scanning device mounted on the European Space Agency's satellite Envisat which takes 20,000 measurements a month for Leicester University researchers monitoring carbon dioxide drawn down by plants.
The stunning photographs were generated from data gathered by the European Space Agency's Envisat and Nasa's Aura satellites.
I have worked on the Envisat Earth observation satellite and the Beagle II Mars lander, which was destroyed in force nine gales as it approached the planet.
Commenting on the Aeolus award, Simon O'Leary, manager of satellite control developments at LogicaCMG, said: "We have been involved with mission-critical components of many of ESA's environmental satellites in the past, including Envisat and GOCE, and we are delighted to have been selected to help make a success of the exciting and innovative Aeolus mission.
ESA has had many successful missions recently, including the XMM-Newton, Envisat and Rosetta.
X-Rite subsidiary Labsphere outfitted the MERIS spectral imager aboard the ENVISAT European satellite with its Spectralon diffuse reflectance material .
4bn Envisat satellite was launched into orbit earlier this month after ten years of development.
Envisat is an advanced polar-orbiting Earth Observation satellite that will provide measurements of the atmosphere, ocean, land, and ice over a five-year period.
ESA has successfully tested large-scale data processing and dissemination from its radar satellites ( ERS , Envisat ) using different cloud provider infrastructures.