ENXEuropean Network Exchange
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ENXEvanston-Norwood-Xavier Community Partnership (Ohio)
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ENX, the communications network of the European automotive industry, has around 700 companies as its members in the European Union.
ENX facilitates the exchange of business data for automotive companies.
Engage ENX 8556 is a new ethylene-octene grade of 2 MI and 0.
Verizon Business today announced that it has been certified by the European Network eXchange Association as a Certified Service Provider (CSP) for the ENX network.
ENX is an association of manufacturers, suppliers and associations from the European automotive industry.
ENX operates a dedicated communications network for the European automotive industry, designed to enable all ENX users to exchange development, production or logistical data between companies and across country borders in a uniform, harmonised way.
We are confident that Verizon Business will provide valuable input for key ENX initiatives on topics such as quality, innovation and cost.
As a certified service provider, Verizon Business will now be able to help ENX users realize the benefits of a single IP network in enhancing their business operations.
John Irvine, vice president of international marketing, Verizon Business, comments: "We are proud to have been officially certified as a service provider to the ENX Association and are looking forward to working with its users in the future.
ENX operates a high security communications network for the exchange of the development, production control and logistic data of the European automotive industry.
In addition to the policy changes described above, as of April 12, 2008 EIM, EVM and ENX are authorized to invest in residual interests of trusts that hold municipal securities (commonly referred to as "inverse floaters").
Shareholders will be asked to vote on the election of Class III Trustees of EVM, EIA, MAB, MIW, EIM, EIV, EMJ, ENX, NYH, EIO and EIP, and Class I Trustees of EOI.