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For example, the enolases alpha-enolase (ENOA) and gamma-enolase (ENOG) participate in glucose metabolism, and eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4B, which binds ribosomes and functions in synthetic processes, contributes to cell growth and maintenance.
ENoG testing for facial nerve function was performed soon after the first visit on 68 patients.
Rydw i'n dal i deimlo'n gynhyrfus wrth ddechrau canu 'Modryb Elin Enog', gan wybod fod gwledd yn ein haros.
An electroneuronography (ENoG), obtained 6 days after the onset of the palsy, showed complete denervation and an 80% decrease in nerve conduction by nerve excitability test.
Likewise accepted as prosecution evidence were the testimonies of Maguindanao Governor Esmael Mangudadatu, former Ampatuan vice mayor Rasul Sangki, accused-turned-state witnesses Sukarno Badal and Esmael Canapia, and eyewitnesses Noh Akil, Lakmodin Saliao, and Esmail Amil Enog.
(11) Electrodiagnostic tests such as nerve excitability testing (NET), (7) electroneuronography (ENoG), (12) and electromyography (EMG) (13) can provide additional information regarding the facial nerve and the integrity of the muscles that the facial nerve innervates.
As I kid I used to love to get "leggers", often ducking down the back" enog", while one simple word - "bagsy" - officially allowed you to lay claim to anything and everything you wished.
Approximately 10 days after the onset of facial nerve palsy, electroneurography (ENoG) was performed.