EOADEarly-Onset Alzheimer Disease
EOADEnseignement Ouvert et a Distance (French: Open and Distance Learning)
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This points to the need for developing future studies with more precise inclusion/exclusion criteria, larger patient populations with clear AD severity classifications and staging (for example, MCI, EOAD, and LOAD), and standardized measurements for vasculature analysis.
Contains: "Jack Kerouac: Off the Eoad for Good," by Carl Adkins, p.
The mechanisms of A[beta] to generate oxidative stress take a high impact on the fast progression of EOAD, because all germline mutations are conducted to an increase of A[beta] production and aggregation.
FAD or EOAD accounts for less than 10% of cases and is associated with mutations in proteins such as PS1, PS2, and APP.
Mutations in APP linked to EOAD include the Dutch (E693Q) [80], London (V717I) [74], Indiana (V717F) [77], Swedish (K670N/M671L) [81], Florida (I716V) [82], Iowa (D694N) [83], and Arctic (E693G) [84] mutations.
The presence of APP mutations in EOAD leads to increased levels of A[beta], which may result in mitochondrial dysfunction and augmented ROS levels, thus increasing oxidative damage.
Genetic studies demonstrated that EOAD occurs with extremely high incidence in patients suffering from Down syndrome.
Testing can identify a mutation in only 40%-80% of EOAD cases and is most likely to be useful when three or more first-degree relatives have AD and at least one of them is early onset.
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