EOATEnd of Arm Tooling (robotics)
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Because the label is charged outside the mould, the EOAT needs no high voltage connections, simplifying the design.
Whatever the EOAT employed, it is critical that the combined weight of the tooling, the gripped component and ancillaries such as vacuum generators do not exceed the machine's payload capacity or create an unacceptable increase in cycle times, which is where our spreadsheet calculations come into play.
For example, due to its inclusion of heavier materials and sturdier EOAT, an insert application on a 500-ton press might require a 55- to 75-lb robot payload capacity when all payload sizing criteria are calculated--even though the plastic parts themselves weigh only 2 lb.
A new feature in the Giga series is EOAT with ability to weigh parts to [+ or -] 1.
The robot EOAT then pushes the loaded case onto an exit conveyor; the case may be sealed manually, or secondary-closing systems can be integrated.
These profiles, brackets, arms, and clamps are interchangeable with >S<-style components--giving EOAT engineers and builders more options while designing their toolings.
The M-6iB/6S Solution Arm and M-6iB/2HS Solution Arm variants feature a new hollow wrist and pre-engineered EOAT cabling.
de) will show something unusual--a weighing system that mounts on the robot EOAT to detect short or damaged parts or missing inserts during the cycle.
Other features include digital AC servos with encoders on three axes; one vacuum and one pressure circuit each with part detection; 12 spare inputs and outputs; and EOAT quick disconnects for all electrical and pneumatic connections.
Powered by Allen-Bradley controls and drives, these units come with two pressure and two vacuum circuits with confirmation sensors, tool-less quick-change EOAT clamp, and fully teachable touchscreen pendant (see right).
The modular construction of the system enables it to be optionally equipped with one insert and removal EOAT for single-face molds or with two horizontal axes for stack molds.