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EOBExplanation Of Benefits
EOBEnd Of Block
EOBEye of the Beholder (game)
EOBExecutive Office Building (next to White House)
EOBElectronic Order of Battle
EOBElectricity Oversight Board
EOBEconomic Opportunity Board
EOBEnd of Burst
EOBEnd of Bombardment
EOBElectronic Orange Book (US FDA)
EOBEnemy Order of Battle
EOBEdge of Bed
EOBEnd of Business Day
EOBEastern/Greek Orthodox Bible
EOBEstimation of Benefits
EOBEcology and Organismal Biology
EOBEditorial Operations Branch (National Institutes of Health)
EOBEvil Old Buggers (gaming group; UK)
EOBEyes of Burn (computer game)
EOBExpense Operating/Operation Budget
EOBEast Of Brooklyn
EOBEast of Bucharest (film)
EOBEmployee of Bungie (gaming)
EOBEmergency Outreach Bureau
EOBEast of Berlin
EOBEnd of Billing
EOBExtensional Ontology Base (computer science)
EOBEnd of Buffer (computer programming)
EOBExpense Operation Budget
EOBEncyclopedia of Business
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1650 million as EOB contribution during the quarter July- September 2012.
8220;We selected AnyDoc[R] as our automated data capture software, because it is the best-in-class automated data capture and data validation software in the industry, especially for invoice processing and EOB processing,” declared Bill Becker, President and CEO of Recordsforce.
The EOB model has aided our growth in this market, as expansion is financed through the company funds with a confirmed policy of growth decision making.
But the EOBs from Aetna state that the patient has no responsibility to pay the difference between 125% of Medicare rates and the actual charges, Dr.
With paper documents, we multiplied each EOB several times, costing us time and money.
The MSI Imaging solution fills a sizeable void in revenue cycle workflow by relieving dependence on the paper EOB with a standardized data capture method that is seamlessly integrated into an optimized process and easily accessible to systems physician practices and billing companies [they] are already using.
He later in the day told me I should let Henry know that obviously the EOB [Nixon hideaway office] and the Oval Office and the Lincoln Room have all been recorded for protection, so the P has a complete record of all your conversations.
Despite the good performance of market capitalization in 2012, all regions were affected by a drop in EOB turnover value: EAME (-24.
Additionally during submission the CMS-1500 form (formerly HCFA-1500) is used instead of the commonly used dental ADA form, along with a copy of the denied EOB (explanation of benefits) or request for primary carrier denial from the dental carrier.
Islamabad -- Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) should expedite its efforts to provide fully facilitated benefits to the poor, deserving industrial and commercial workers as envisaged in the EOB act 1976.
Likewise, the EOB Manager allows us to access a full spectrum of online information, rather than sorting through paper or scanned documents.
For example, operative notes, insurance cards, EOB notices, and other information that has been scanned and linked to each patient's account can be sent to the payer along with the letter of appeal.