EOBCEthernet Out of Band Channel
EOBCEuropean Open Beach Championship
EOBCEngineer Officer Basic Course
EOBCEthernet Out-of-Band Channel (Cisco Systems)
EOBCEastern Ohio Basketball Camp (est. 1969; Sherrodsville, OH)
EOBCEnvironment Observation and Balance Council (international activism group)
EOBCEarly Onset Breast Carcinomas (age-defined tumors)
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Your EOBC brigade commander or former college professor may not remember who you are.
Remember to include EOBC and EOAC as part of your experience.
The second phase of BOLC-or BOLC II (Engineer)-- which is at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, will be similar to the EOBC program of instruction that is currently being taught.
Three of the officers are engineers who will attend the EOBC after completing the BOLC.
The EOBC will also undergo major changes with the implementation of the BOLC.
EOBC students will complete most of these projects as part of their field training.
Because of these changes, many officers in the field may be unaware of the specific types of skills and the actual depth of knowledge that recent graduates of the EOBC and EOAC possess.
The EOBC provides general instruction on the basics of Army engineering.
Probably the most significant change to the EOBC was the switch from a "tracked" to a "straight-lined" program of instruction in 1997.