EOBIEcology and Organismal Biology (Eastern Michigan University)
EOBIEmployees Oldage Benefits Institution (Pakistan)
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So many crisis came in EOBI and corruption running into billion of rupees was committed but nothing fell on the ears of higher authorities How can a laborer support his children within monthly pension of Rs 3600.
ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court (SC) while seeking detailed report from FIA in EOBI corruption case has remarked it will announce its decision in this case on January, 20.
Earlier, the defence counsel Asma Jehangir arguing before the court submitted that the Federal Investigation Agency had registered a case alleging that the accused in conveyance with other members of EOBI approved purchase of 684 residential plots in River Edge Housing Society at exuberant prices which caused a loss of Rs 130 million to the institution.
He said that during July-March 2013-14, EOBI disbursed Rs 10.
Justice Saqib Nisar remarked that the pension of thousands of EOBI employees was withheld and the court would hear the case on daily basis.
The court has remarked " we do want increase in the salary of poor employees but we dont want EOBI goes bankrupt.
The Chief Secretary told the Chief Minister that EOBI legislation has been done and is being implemented.
The apex court said that the new appointments should be made on the basis of merit and quota system rules, adding that the chairperson of EOBI will be responsible for making the new appointments.
They said that the EOBI administration would rweportedly pay pension at old rate in future, which would affect the pensioners.
Chairman EOBI further stated that Institution is heading towards e-governance and by first quarter of 2014 all its business process will be automated on new I.
Earlier the court had ordered these companies to make estimate of the land purchased by EOBI in Sukkar, Chakwal and Rawalpindi.
Sources at EOBI on Thursday said the Constitution makes it obligatory for the state to provide social security by compulsory social insurance or by any other means to all persons employed in service of Pakistan or otherwise.