EOBRElectronic On-Board Recorder
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What these companies have in common is a progressive attitude toward safety Its first success was getting Congress to include language requiring electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) in new trucks.
Vickery said that the group would use the same nimble, focused approach it used to get EOBRs mandated in trying to get Congress to pass reforms on these new issues.
(10) Similarly, a Congressman testified at a June 22, 2000 Congressional hearing in favor of the proposed EOBR requirement, noting that "hours-of-service rules are widely flouted, with many drivers still referring to their hours-of-service logs as 'comic books'" (Oberstar 2000).
Version 11 also offers an Electronic On-Board Recording System (EOBR) allowing drivers to more easily keep track of Hours of Service.
Donald Broughton: Shippers are going to have to improve the way they optimize the loading and unloading time or pay a significantly higher price for transportation services--tighter HOS rules and the implementation of EOBR's (electronic on-board recorders) make this inevitable.
ATrack Technology Inc based in Taiwan, manufactures high quality reliable GPRS GPS modems that offer EOBR connectivity.
For this I have chosen to blame both state and federal agencies for their inconsistent rule application and reporting--and because the CSA backed off on its EOBR rule.
That's because the court appeared to hint that the overall EOBR rulemaking process violated the 4th Amendment of the U.S.
New technology, electronic generators, communication systems, EOBR units, trailer skirts, and brake and back-up warning systems are introducing potential efficiencies, but are doing so at a significant cost of acquisition and installation.
EOBRs are the catalyst for many operators to upgrade hardware/software systems that interface with on-road data.
By January 2016 it is likely that all drivers will be required to install EOBRs in their vehicles as a means of monitoring hours of service.