EOBRElectronic On-Board Recorder
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That legislation calls for EOBRs to be installed on new trucks, probably beginning in the 2016 model year.
10) Similarly, a Congressman testified at a June 22, 2000 Congressional hearing in favor of the proposed EOBR requirement, noting that "hours-of-service rules are widely flouted, with many drivers still referring to their hours-of-service logs as 'comic books'" (Oberstar 2000).
By January 2016 it is likely that all drivers will be required to install EOBRs in their vehicles as a means of monitoring hours of service.
GPS Insight representatives will be giving live demonstrations of the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Software and will be promoting the upcoming EOBR solution which is expected to be released at the end of Q2 2012.
That's because the court appeared to hint that the overall EOBR rulemaking process violated the 4th Amendment of the U.
New technology, electronic generators, communication systems, EOBR units, trailer skirts, and brake and back-up warning systems are introducing potential efficiencies, but are doing so at a significant cost of acquisition and installation.
EOBR technology allows commercial fleets to automatically track the hours drivers spent behind the wheel through hours-of-service (HOS) logs.
We believe our current system is similar to the expected EOBR proposals.
6 Electronic Hours-of-Service Solutions Helps Fleets Prepare for the Impending EOBR Mandate
Turnpike Global Technologies has developed a low cost EOBR solution (called RouteTracker[TM]) that can benefit carriers in numerous ways while keeping drivers compliant to the Hours of Service Rule which in turn will make highways across North America a safer place to travel," added Staub.
Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations governing the use of EOBRs to document compliance with DOT hours of service regulations.
Initially EOBRs may negatively affect our productivity, however we expect to see improved productivity over time in addition to improved safety.