EOCCEnterprise-Ozark Community College
EOCCEast Oxford Community Centre (UK)
EOCCEngineering Operational Casualty Control
EOCCEmergency Operations Center Coordinator
EOCCEarth Operation Commanding Center (NASA EOS project)
EOCCEOS Operations and Control Center
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Recently, EOCC identified some of the areas where it could meet a variety of taste profiles.
When planning each new product, EOCC keeps its consumer profile in mind.
Allen and Cortellini agreed that the EOCC brand is about bringing back memories for some, with its long legacy, and being introduced to others.
As the push for the growth continues, EOCC is committed to remaining true to its brand, offering authentic gourmet, coffee in the home of the consumer.
Recognizing the need that emergency and military personnel have to be able to recharge their vital communications batteries when deployed in remote locations, the unique EOCC is capable of charging 18 two-way radio batteries simultaneously, using a variety of connectors and power sources.
This gives the EOCC unprecedented flexibility to deliver 18 fully-charged batteries for command posts and emergency operations, under the widest variety of conditions.
The EOCC supports Motorola([R]) XTS2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 5000 and Harris / MA-Com([R]) P7100 / 7300 series radios.
Advanced GTS technology gives the EOCC impressive performance:
The EOCC was introduced at the 2011 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) where it was awarded the Cygnus Law Enforcement Innovation Award.
GTS developed EOCC to extend field operability of communication equipment.