EOCDExecutive Office of Communities and Development (Massachusetts)
EOCDElektro Offroad Club Dielsdorf (German: Electric Offroad Club Dielsdorf; Dielsdorf, Switzerland)
EOCDEgyptian Organization for Comprehensive Development
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Edible Oil Company, or EOCD, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments, or DI, and one of the leading oil seed crushing facilities in the region, has announced that it has crushed over 150,000 metric tonnes of seeds in the first half of 2013.
Shukri Al Mehairi, GM of Dubai Investments Industries (DII), the industrial arm of DI, said: "With the phenomenal capacity expansion achieved after the plant was re-commissioned, EOCD has grown its network to include customers in high potential markets such as Europe, India, China and South East Asia.
Besides upgrading the production capacity of the existing machinery, EOCD has ensured compliance with the quality standards set by the Dubai Municipality, whereby the machines are powered by alternative fuels with a very low carbon emission rate.
Consistent with the ACDP, flyers and pamphlets on the dangers associated with EOCD use and high-risk sexual activity could be developed and distributed to rave attendees.
The Web site could contain general information about the dangers associated with EOCD use and high-risk sexual activity; information about the legal penalties associated with EOCD production, sale, and possession; information about the relationship between EOCD use and high-risk sexual behaviors, information a diagnostic tool to self-diagnose AOD dependence; and electronic links to national, state, and local substance abuse prevention and treatment resources [e.
Rave attendees comprise the population at highest risk for EOCD use, including criminal offenders, high school and college students, and youthful household respondents.
The EOCD has been a participant in efforts to examine the formal level of regional agencies including participation on the legislature's Subcommittee on Regionalism.
the EOCD [is] committed to assisting cities and town as they consider regional options.
EOCD package will also include two annual reports, one on The Limited, Inc.