EOCNConstructionman, Equipment Operator Striker (Naval Rating)
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The threshold of the EOD response to stimulation of the EOCN was dependent upon the location of the stimulating electrode; optimum results were found within an approximately 3-mm length of the basal medulla at the level of entry of the facial (VII) nerve.
The electric organ discharges recorded following stimulation of the EOCN were strongly similar in amplitude, duration, and waveform to those elicited by tactile stimulation (gently brushing or tapping the dorsal surface of the animal) and to the occasionally recorded spontaneous EODs generated by the animal (Fig.
Such a difference may be related to the method by which EODs were elicited in this study (electrical stimulation of the EOCN in a decerebrate animal), although EODs evoked by tactile stimulation were invariably very close to those elicited by EOCN stimulation.