EOCNConstructionman, Equipment Operator Striker (Naval Rating)
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Electrocytes in the skate electric organ are innervated by motor neurons in the ventral spinal cord (Koester, 1987; Baron et al., 1992), which in turn are believed to receive direct descending input from an electric organ command nucleus (EOCN) located in the basal midline of the medulla (Albe-Fessard and Szabo, 1955; Szabo, 1955, 1961).
Finally, EODs could be elicited through stimulation of the medullary electric organ command nucleus (EOCN) by means of an implanted concentric bipolar electrode.
Stimulation of the electric organ command nucleus (EOCN) was the most reliable method for eliciting consistent and repeatable EODs.
The electric organ discharges recorded following stimulation of the EOCN were strongly similar in amplitude, duration, and waveform to those elicited by tactile stimulation (gently brushing or tapping the dorsal surface of the animal) and to the occasionally recorded spontaneous EODs generated by the animal (Fig.