EOCTEnd-Of-Course Test
EOCTEndoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography
EOCTEnd of Cycle Test (US Army)
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As part of the movement to assess student achievement, the state of Georgia requires that each of eight core high school courses is accompanied by a high-stakes end-of-course test (EOCT).
But, all students take the same EOCT. The economics EOCT has five domain areas: Fundamental Economic Concepts, Microeconomic Concepts, Macroeconomic Concepts, International Economics, and Personal Finance Economics (GaDOEa).
The economics EOCT is a 90 question, multiple choice exam.
Georgia students have had to take the high-stakes EOCT in these courses since the spring of 2004 as part of their coursework.
The students who take the EOCT after taking AP Macroeconomics tend to do a little better, on average, than the students who take the EOCT after taking AP Microeconomics.
Because all students sit for the same economics EOCT at the completion of their economics course, we can use this standardized test to compare outcomes of students who take different types of economics classes.
They contain student level administrative data that matches each student's economics EOCT score to information such as gender, economic status, and ethnicity.
The full "unrestricted" sample in Table 1 represents all of the students who have taken the economics EOCT in the 2005-06, 2006-07, or 2007-08 academic years and had previously taken both the geometry and algebra EOCTs.
The outcome of interest is the EOCT score in economics.
In this paper, the input of interest is taking an AP Economics course as opposed to a "regular" economics course, and the outcome of interest is student achievement in economics as measured by the state of Georgia's high-stakes EOCT.
We use PSM as a technique to isolate the impact of the AP Economics course on the economics EOCT from the factors that initially led the student to take the course.
Our goal is to identify the average treatment effect on the treated (i.e., the effect of taking AP Economics on performance on the economics EOCT for those who take an AP Economics course).