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EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal
EODEnd Of Day
EODEnd Of Data
EoDEve of Destruction (computer game)
EODEntertainment on Demand (cable TV feature)
EODEvent of Default
EODEnd Of Discussion
EODEvery Other Day
EODElectric Organ Discharge
EODExtent of Disease
EODEntry On Duty
EODExplosive Ordnance Detachment
EODEngineer on a Disk
EODEntrance on Duty
EODExplosive Ordnance Demolition
EODExplosive Ordnance Device (less common)
EODEqual Opportunity Division
EODExtent of Damage (insurance)
EODEverything-On-Demand (services)
EODExplosive Ordnance Detection
EODEnter On Duty
EODEmployee and Organizational Development (human resources)
EODElite Operations Division (game)
EODEnd of Discharge
EODEnd of Dialing
EODEsoteric Order of Dagon (Cthulhu Mythos)
EODEnd-Organ Damage
EODErasable Optical Disc
EODEngineering Operations Division
EODEstablished Onset of Disability
EODEnergy on Detector
EODEngine Object Damage
EODEquivalent Other Duty
EODEntering Office Date
EODEnterprise Operations Directorate
EODExceed on Demand (client)
EODExplosive Ordnance Depot/Disposal
EODEveryone's Divorced
EODEmergency Order of Detention (psychiatry directive)
EODEmployee on Duty
EODEnvironment of Deposition
EODEthernet Over DOCSIS
EODÉquipe de Déminage (French: Demining Team; NATO)
EODExaminations On Demand
EODElectro-Optical Disk
EODEnd of Development (software)
EODEnd of Diatribe
EODEcologic Oriented Development (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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Fundamentally, EOD technicians should be called Risk Managers
Since the early '90s, EOD techs have been working with robots, but up until the overseas contingencies operation, the robots were not widely accepted in the community.
Mike Luedicke, General Manager for Chemring EOD, said: "Tim brings us a wealth of senior-level business development experience in a broad range of industries, which will allow us to explore and exploit new areas.
EOD has proven to be critical during irregular and counterinsurgency warfare, and was used extensively to counter improvised explosive devices and remove unexploded bombs, known as "explosive remnants of war," in EOD lingo.
This engineer solution, when paired with Ordnance Branch solutions, gave more weight to the EOD assertion that the EHT was no longer relevant.
In 1981, an Army EOD team responded to a device found in Milton Bennion Hall at the University of Utah.
EOD Airmen often have to integrate with the other U.
In France, screening of pregnant women for GBS colonization and IAP for women detected positive was implemented in 2001 but, despite these recommendations, EOD continues to occur (11).
There's an EOD saying, 'Once a team leader puts on a bomb suit it's the longest walk,'" said Staff Sergeant David Hugee, a US EOD team leader, referring to the tense approach a bomb disposal expert must make to a device as colleagues take cover.
EOD experts had different reasons for doing such a dangerous job, recently thrust into the spotlight by the critically acclaimed film The Hurt Locker , about a risk-taking maverick EOD team leader in Iraq.
If they want to come to the EOD strictly for watching the film, they live in a pipe dream," he said.