EODCEarth Observation Data Centre
EODCexport obligation discharge certificate (India)
EODCemission online dissent clearing
EODCEye of da Chi (band)
EODCExplosive Ordnance Disposal Center
EODCExplosive Ordnance Disposal Control
EODCEscort Owners & Drivers Club
EODCEscort Owners and Drivers Club
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EODC and IBD have delivered add-on armour kits, IED protection kits, mine protection kits and associated support services to the Department of National Defence for both the Leopard tank and Light Armoured Vehicle fleets.
Ottawa-based EODC is one of Canada's leading manufacturers of armour protection; their products are in use with both the Army's main battle tank and light armoured vehicle fleets, (eodc.
JBIC said the credit will finance the construction and operation of two offshore drilling rigs by EODC.
Luc Petit, managing director at EODC, explains that "The defence market is 'very specialized, so you go, basically from one contract to the other," he said.
EODC is a subsidiary of IBD Deisenroth Engineering, an international survivability systems provider.
Established in Canada in 2001, EODC was able to quickly respond to the demands of the Afghan theatre with the provision of protection solutions for the Canadian Forces.
One of the EODC specialties is the Modular Expandable Armour System (MEXAS), which is designed to enhance the maximum ballistic protection of existing vehicle types.
To reduce the visibility of the armoured vehicle, EODC has designed a system known as Advanced Modular Protection Signature Management (AMP-SM).
Should the EODC enhanced armoured vehicle still be penetrated, the last line of defence lies in the "Don't be killed" objective.
Former Colonel Harry Mohr is happy to show off the presentation that gave the contract to outfit the Coyote and Bison vehicles with armour to EODC.
Within only six months (that's lightening speed in bureaucratic time), EODC had designed, manufactured and delivered 110 armour kits for the Bisons and Coyotes vehicle types in theatre.
Expecting to get the contract to toughen up the bellies of the land-based vehicles, EODC went ahead and designed a model for that need and was confident it could deliver the same number of units as quickly as it had done before.