EODCEarth Observation Data Centre
EODCexport obligation discharge certificate (India)
EODCemission online dissent clearing
EODCEye of da Chi (band)
EODCExplosive Ordnance Disposal Center
EODCExplosive Ordnance Disposal Control
EODCEscort Owners and Drivers Club
EODCEscort Owners & Drivers Club
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Reimer, Christoph, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation, Vienna University of Technology, and EODC, Vienna, Austria
EODC will place a $400 million order for drilling rigs with a Singaporean heavy-machinery maker, yet to be named, and drilling is slated to begin as early as 2011.
JBIC said the credit will finance the construction and operation of two offshore drilling rigs by EODC.
EODC has promoted its capabilities at various CANSECs, including the provision of external add-on armour protective layers, interior liners, I ED protection kits and mine protection kits for heavy and light tracked and wheeled vehicles.
EODC and IBD have delivered add-on armour kits, IED protection kits, mine protection kits and associated support services to the Department of National Defence for both the Leopard tank and Light Armoured Vehicle fleets.
The TAPV are also being equipped with EODC's Advanced Modular Armour Protection (AMAP), the newest ballistic protection technology designed to enhance survivability, according to the company.
The Textron TAPV will be equipped with EODC's Advanced Modular Armour Protection (AMAP), the newest ballistic protection technology to enhance survivability.
Luc Petit, managing director at EODC, explains that "The defence market is 'very specialized, so you go, basically from one contract to the other," he said.
Additional key Canadian suppliers include: Kongsberg Protech Systems Canada, a subcontractor to Rheinmetall Canada for the remote weapons systems; and Engineering Office Deisenroth Canada (EODC), a subcontractor direct to Textron Systems Canada for add-on armour.
One of the instrumental defence contractors who took a lead role in these modifications was Engineering Office Deisenroth Canada (EODC), a division of the internationally renowned MD Deisenroth of Lohmar, Germany.
Former Colonel Harry Mohr is happy to show off the presentation that gave the contract to outfit the Coyote and Bison vehicles with armour to EODC. It's an impressive display outlining the process - the vehicles the soldiers were driving around Afghanistan might as well have been made out of cardboard for all the good they were doing protecting passengers when a roadside bomb went off.