EODMUExplosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (US Navy)
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The UUV system is a vehicle we program to run a certain mission," said Chief Aerographer's Mate (AW/EXW) David Elliott, EODMU 1 UUV leading chief petty officer.
The joint perspective FS2010 used was crucial in allowing the EODMU 1 UUV platoon to accomplish their tasking.
EODMU 1 Marine Mammal program relied on nearly 50 years of research that proved vital to FS2010.
During the visit Admiral Stone was introduced to the current missions EODMU 5 supports, ranging from flight-deck response and general EOD support on board the USS Kitty Hawk and the USS Essex to disrupting improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq in support of the U.
CDR Martinez briefed Admiral Stone on EODMU 5's capabilities during the visit.
As the fleet and the Supply Corps become more expeditionary, understanding the roles of the Supply Corps enlisted and officers assigned to units such as EODMU 5 is important to winning the global war on terrorism.
We tried to explain the importance of not getting complacent while handling explosives," said LT Steve Cobos, EODMU 6, Det.
IEDs seem to be the tool of choice for terrorists," said LCDR Michael Runkle, EODMU 5 operations officer.
EODMU 5 Sailors bunked at the SWBTA's Camp Growl with some of Australia's own EOD, Australian Clearance Dive Team (ACDT) 4, who impressed the American Sailors from Day 1.