EOEOEuropean Organ Exchange Organisation (transplants)
EOEOEast of England Orchestra (UK)
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in this capacity, women use music to enact the attribute, kora in eoeo, whereby they weave or knit society together through songs and ensure that society does not unravel through the circulation of their maternal knowledge in repeat performances.
(29) Women, as the unifiers (kora in eoeo), have the task of creating new relational spaces through abstracting what has been obliterated materially (e.g., land, bodies) in the formation of affective, often equivocal alliances.
S.Mongul race) eoeo * EOEO * (stone pile) haw eoie FREOIEN (free) eoiu JUDAEOIULUS nz eooi * OLEO-OIL eoua * AYEOUAIS Hodge eouo EOUO (in the Congo) euae * EUAEMIA * f+w euau * BEUAUTE (beauty) euei * QUEUEING * euia * BREUIARIE * (breviary) euio DEUIOUS (devious) euoe * EUOENOTHERA (a subgenus) euou * DEUOUACIOUNS (devouation) euui BEREUUICUS (berewick) VTs accounted for: 107 (to date * 45; new 62) VTs not accounted for: 18 total 125 Table 3.