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EOFEnd Of File
EOFEnd of Frame
EOFEscalation of Force
EOFExperimenters' Operations Facility
EOFEyes of Fire (movie)
EOFEnterprise Object Frameworks
EOFEternal Order of Fighters (Quest for Glory' game series)
EOFExpansile Osteolysis, Familial
EOFEthnikos Organismos Farmakon (Greek National Organization for Medicines)
EOFEssential Operating Facility
EOFEmergency Operating/Operations Facility
EOFExecutives on Fire (band)
EOFElectronic Order Form
EOFExecutive Office Furniture
EOFElectronic Order Fulfillment
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Functions
EoFEchoes of Faydwer (game)
EOFElectroosmotic Flow
EOFEmpire Opportunity Fund
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The control of EOF in capillary and microfluidic electrophoretic applications has long been recognized as being critically important to improving reproducibility and expanding the range of separations that can be conducted with CE," said Dr.
The 2x2 comparisons primarily compared the fluoropyridine-containing arms (ECF + EOF versus ECX + EOX) and platinum-containing arms (ECF + ECX versus EOF + EOX).
With EOTrol(TM) dynamic coatings, researchers can independently select the combination of EOF, pH and buffer that is needed to effect both high resolution and time-efficient separations, including suppression or even reversal of EOF," said Dr.
Patients were randomized to one of four regimens: ECF, EOF, ECX or EOX.
Asia Pulp & Paper has today published official maps of the concession, which show that the pictures featured prominently in the EOF report are actually from RUJ's legally-operated pulpwood concession OUTSIDE of the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary.
The measurements showed that the size of the salt cation influences the mobility of EOF to a certain extent: when [[BMIm].
60) While most traditional EOF procedures use terms such as "if possible," "if time and circumstances permit," or the phrase "if there was an immediate threat of serious injury or death, you may defend yourself or others without going through the progressive steps" when discussing how much force to use, the very name "Escalation of Force" implies a try, fail, and try again approach to force application.
MC (2 g/L) reduces EOF significantly but not to the extent seen in a neutral DMS-coated capillary, thus resulting in poor precision for migration times.
Its EOF division will grow oil palm seedlings over a 20,000 hectare plantation it recently acquired, a company official said after promoting a new bond to be issued by the company.
EOF is the most common-method used to pump liquids through microchannels and EOF behavior depends strongly on the surface characteristics of a material.
A sampling of topics: microfluidics control method based on the EOF technology, the effect of coatings on mechanical properties of TC4 titanium alloy during laser shock processing, surface integrity of an ultra-high strength alloy in HSC process, rotary ultrasonic machining of advanced ceramics, and elastic-plastic contact analysis of materials with gradient yield strength, among other topics.