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EOFEnd Of File
EOFEnd of Frame
EOFEscalation of Force
EOFExperimenters' Operations Facility
EOFEyes of Fire (movie)
EOFEnterprise Object Frameworks
EOFEternal Order of Fighters (Quest for Glory' game series)
EOFExpansile Osteolysis, Familial
EOFEthnikos Organismos Farmakon (Greek National Organization for Medicines)
EOFEssential Operating Facility
EOFEmergency Operating/Operations Facility
EOFExecutives on Fire (band)
EOFElectronic Order Form
EOFExecutive Office Furniture
EOFElectronic Order Fulfillment
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Functions
EoFEchoes of Faydwer (game)
EOFElectroosmotic Flow
EOFEmpire Opportunity Fund
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In this work, we explore the EOF in a mixed polymer brush-grafted nanochannel using molecular dynamics simulations.
We compared clinical outcomes of patients in the EOF group with patients of the traditional late oral feeding (LOF) group.
Gonadosomatic Index was positively correlated with [empty set], but negatively correlated with SPZ and EOF (Table 4).
EOF will monitor compliance with the order and is ready to take further legal steps to enforce an export ban, he added.
9) Given the type of missions we expected to conduct in the 1990's, EOF was seen as a useful tool in self-defense situations where there was no declared hostile force or dedicated enemy.
An EOF design with broad application capabilities was devised by Korf engineers.
Asia Pulp & Paper has today published official maps of the concession, which show that the pictures featured prominently in the EOF report are actually from RUJ's legally-operated pulpwood concession OUTSIDE of the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary.
In the meeting, the two sides reviewed the arrangements for the appointment of an executive director of the EOF.
The concurrent Town of Islip predator and hard clam data sets (1992-2003, Table l) were analyzed for spatial and temporal trends using an EOF procedure, which partitioned the variance of the data into modes that represent space patterns with distinct time history.
From 2003 to 2010, Cenovus committed approximately $16 million to the EOF.