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EOFSEmpirical Orthogonal Functions
EOFSEnvironmental Observation and Forecasting System
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According to Plaut and Vautard (1994), harmonic oscillations in time series can be identified by the following three properties of MSSA: (a) two consecutive eigenvalues explain almost the equal amount of variance, (b) two EOFs of a pair of modes correspond to almost the exact frequency and are in quadrature (sine and cosine), and (c) associated Principal Components are in quadrature.
The inherent failure of such well-meaning 'get more women into engineering' schemes has been highlighted by MP Meg Munn's recent criticism of the Employer Ownership Fund (EoF).
These observations were confirmed by a 2 (age: young and old) X 3 (task: spatial, non-spatial and control) X 4 (sensory condition: EOFF, ECFF, EOFS and ECFS) mixed-design analysis of variance (ANOVA).
Finally, ten other studies have examined profitability or productivity in EOFs, focusing on forms of ownership other than ESOPs and cooperatives, or combining different forms of ownership.
The criteria included mean annual data, standard deviation, annual climate cycle, normalized root mean square error (NRMSE), spatial distribution, climate change trend, empirical orthogonal function (EOF), and probability density function (PDF); these criteria are listed in Table 1.
Figure 3 presents the first two leading pairs of EOFs, each of which is in quadrature.