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EOGEuropejskiego Obszaru Gospodarczego (Polish: European Economic Area; free trade zone)
EOGEuropa Oil & Gas (Holdings Plc)
EOGEye on Gambling (sports forum)
EOGEnd of Grade (tests used in NC)
EOGEnron Oil & Gas (stock symbol)
EOGExecutive Office of the Governor
EOGEnglish Opera Group (UK)
EOGEducational Opportunity Grant (Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board; Olympia, WA)
EOGEmergency Operations Group (various organizations)
EOGExpeditionary Operations Group
EOGEnd of Group (database queries)
EOGEnd of Game
EOGÉcole d'Ostéopathie Genève (French: Geneva School of Osteopathy; Geneva, Switzerland)
EOGExecutive Operations Group (various companies)
EOGElectrolytic Oxygen Generator (US Navy submarine)
EOGExercise Observation Group
EOGEvolution of Gaming (gaming clan)
EOGElement One Gaming (clan)
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The 5-200 microvolts actual recorded EOG eye potential requires further amplification for processing.
With efficient shale drillers like Continental and EOG ready to turn on the taps as soon as oil prices rise, OPEC can't simply will oil prices higher.
Then, there are few investigations on real mapping of the relationship between EOG and the eye fixation positions information directly.
Copies of the application may also be obtained from EOG Resources United Kingdom Limited, Andrews House, College Road, Guildford, GU1 41B subject to a payment of PS10 by postal order or cheque made payable to EOG Resources United Kingdom Limited.
EOG, considered a leader in the US shale oil industry, has for months drilled new wells only to keep them idle by delaying fracking, part of a strategy to hold back pumping some crude after a roughly 40 per cent drop in prices since last summer.
Childhood blood lead levels as low as 2 [micro]g/dL at age 1 or 2 years had a discernible correlation with deficits in later EOG testing.
Thus, we might decide that encouraging more parents to attend more PTA meetings would not be helpful as far as increasing EOG scores is concerned.
EOG Business Centers is the trade name for Executive Office Group, a publicly traded company (OTC:EOGX), founded in 1980.
He and the Stanford inventors are considering using EOG signals to allow disabled patients to move the cursor around the screen like an "eye-controlled mouse.
Various signals such as EEG, EOG can also be used to measure eye movements.
The board of directors of EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG) declared on Wednesday that it will pay a dividend of USD0.
6 September 2016 - US-based oil and natural gas companies EOG Resources, Inc.