EOGBElectro-Optical Guided Bomb
EOGBElectro-Optical Glide Bomb (US Navy aviation)
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In 1967 Rockwell had been contracted by the US Air Force to develop an EOGB kit for the 900-kg Mk 84 bomb, resulting in the 1027-kg GBU-8/B Hobos (Homing Bomb System).Work on LGBs had taken off in 1965, with the first successful test of a bomb with laser guidance by Texas Instruments (TI), whose defence electronics business was purchased by Raytheon in 1997.
EOGB carried out a full assessment of the combustion process at the site, providing a detailed report which gave a clear overview of the current burner performance and the savings that could be made with an upgraded system.
Steve O'Neill, technical specification engineer at EOGB, said: "Previous operational issues have been eradicated and we have the option to implement further energy saving measures in the future.
Paul Stonehouse of Ward Recycling Ltd, said: "As a result of changing to an EOGB system we have not only been successful in achieving the standards required by our accreditations but have also significantly reduced our fuel usage by an average of 15% per month.
Distributed in the UK by EOGB, the new range has been developed to comply with the latest requirements of the European market.
In addition to producing very low emissions, the entire TBG range by EOGB features a light die-cast aluminium alloy casing that benefits efficiency and fuel economy.