EOGCSElectro-Optical Gunfire Control System
EOGCSExcited Odd Glauber-type Coherent State
References in classic literature ?
Let me tell you, Chester, that he has played fast and loose with Miss Lindsay.
Fast and loose in one thing, fast and loose in everything.
At all events, you've disbanded your troop--and you are living in your own house instead of being fast and loose about the place; that's all very good.
She had liked him so well, and she had not thought him the sort of man who would play fast and loose with a woman's feelings for twenty years.
I wonder when a nation of the world ever played fast and loose with great possessions as we have done
It's a shame, by Heavens," said George, working himself up into passion and enthusiasm as he proceeded, "to play at fast and loose with a young girl's affections--and with such an angel as that--one so superior to the people amongst whom she lived, that she might have excited envy, only she was so good and gentle, that it's a wonder anybody dared to hate her.
Like most simple men, he was tenacious of ideas when he got them, and the belief that Claire was playing fast and loose was not lightly to be removed from his mind.