EOHHSExecutive Office of Health and Human Services (Massachusetts)
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Early in my tenure at EOHHS, I committed myself to changing the culture of the secretariat to one that makes client outcomes an integral part of our day-to-day conversations and uses data to inform policy and programmatic decisions.
Henry Swiniarski, the state's assistant secretary for EOHHS, gives examples of some of the many agencies involved in home visiting programs--the visiting nurses association, the department of public health, the newborn home visiting program and others.
EOHHS has identified eight strategies to reduce wait times in the ER for mental health patients.
As Beth Waldman, Medicaid Director of EOHHS, stated, "MAXIMUS, EDS, and Vecna Technologies have put together a team that combines a dedication to the basics of customer support with new, cutting-edge innovations that will make MassHealth a more welcoming program for our members and a more user-friendly business partner for our providers.
Among the facilities at which workers will be eligible for the voluntary layoff program are Templeton Developmental Center, where the patient census dropped by four, from 127 to 123 between August 2007 and this month; and Glavin Regional Center in Shrewsbury, where the patient census dipped from 64 to 55, according to EOHHS.
Although it is up slightly, we are cautiously optimistic about the numbers," said Jennifer Kritz, deputy communications director of EOHHS.
The PCC Plan is a primary care case management program administered by EOHHS and offers a statewide managed care option for MassHealth Members who are eligible for managed care.
The bill would require the secretary of Health and Human Services to appoint a coordinator to review, evaluate, design and implement compliance with remedial plans and court orders by EOHHS agencies and employees.
EOHHS is also responsible for administering the Health Safety Net (HSN) pursuant to M.
On Friday, Brigitte Walsh, a spokeswoman for EOHHS, said officials were not ready to reveal how they would implement the ruling.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) Office of Medicaid (MassHealth) is issuing this Request for Applications (RFA) from manufacturers of Blood Glucose Test Strips to pay rebates to EOHHS based on claims for the manufacturer s Blood Glucose Test Strips submitted to MassHealth for MassHealth members through the Pharmacy Online Processing System (POPS).
Posted separately is the standard form of State of Massachusetts Supplemental Drug Rebate Agreement (Agreement or Supplemental Rebate Agreement), which will be utilized for each manufacturer with which EOHHS enters into a supplemental drug rebate agreement pursuant to this solicitation.