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EOKAEthniki Organosis Kipriakou Agonos (Greek: National Organization of Cypriot Struggle; est. 1954)
EOKAEthniki Organosi Kyprion Agoniston (Greek)
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Enter a very tall Englishman with a big red moustache -- the biggest moustache I'd ever seen, says Renos, warming to his story; but first we rewind to 1956, when Eoka fighters Michael Koutsoftas and Andreas Panayides were about to be executed for killing a soldier.
This man was an EOKA killer, previously sentenced to death, but reprieved for political expediency, his sentence commuted to life imprisonment of which he served only 17 months before being released when the Cyprus agreement was signed.
Many Cypriot nationalists hold the Queen personally responsible for the execution in the 1950s of Eoka fighters during their struggle for independence.
The early successes scored by Grivas's irregulars, who went by the name of EOKA, were marred by acts of indiscipline and even cowardice.
ELAM use the same nationalistic slogans as EOKA and EOKA B and is therefore true "patriots" according to many Cypriots.
He then travels from Brussels to Athens where on Friday he unveils a monument to mark the EOKA 1955 -- 59 struggle against British rule in Cyprus.
Fusilier Vivian Uphill, 20, was killed in an ambush 1958 during the Cyprus Emergency (1955-59) when Greek Cypriot fighters from EOKA launched attacks on the British Army and military bases and targets in a bid to force it from the Mediterranean island.
Greek Cypriots, who supported EOKA which was against delay in Enosis, and the military junta in Greece had made a military coup against Makarios, the ''president of Cyprus'', in order to achieve Enosis as soon as possible.
PLEASE allow me a little space in your columns to thank Gerry Parsons for drawing attention to an error in a recent letter of mine in which I said that I went to Cyprus for the EOKA emergency there in 1947.
Just as the British Government had to negotiate with the Boers over a hundred years ago and with Stern Gang in Israel, the Mau Mau in Kenya, Eoka in Cyprus and with Sinn Fein in Ulster, it was obvious that Britain and the US would eventually have to sit down with the Taliban.
SIR - On December 5, 1955, a Royal Marine from Wales, Terence Roberts, aged 23, was killed in Cyprus in an ambush by Eoka terrorists.
Following the start of the Ethniki Organosis Agoniston/the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters, EOKA, activities on 1 April 1955, Field-Marshal Sir John Harding was appointed as Governor of Cyprus in order to (a) suppress the revolt militarily and (b) engage in negotiations with Makarios to defuse the crisis politically.