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EOKAEthniki Organosis Kipriakou Agonos (Greek: National Organization of Cypriot Struggle; est. 1954)
EOKAEthniki Organosi Kyprion Agoniston (Greek)
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This man was an EOKA killer, previously sentenced to death, but reprieved for political expediency, his sentence commuted to life imprisonment of which he served only 17 months before being released when the Cyprus agreement was signed.
In contrast to EOKA it remained legal throughout the intercommunal clashes of 1957-58.
PLEASE allow me a little space in your columns to thank Gerry Parsons for drawing attention to an error in a recent letter of mine in which I said that I went to Cyprus for the EOKA emergency there in 1947.
1) The talks formally collapsed on 29 February since the British were not prepared to guarantee a Greek majority control of the legislature and would not agree to an unconditional amnesty for those EOKA members who were responsible for murder or attempted murder.
In 1953 a certain Colonel Grivas started a terrorist organisation, EOKA (National Organization of Cypriot Fighters), which mounted a guerrilla war against the British.
Willie went for SBS training, and I believe Brian, who was a section commander, spent the next two years in Cyprus during the EOKA emergency.
Fusilier Vivian Uphill, 20, was killed in an ambush 1958 during the Cyprus Emergency (1955-59) when Greek Cypriot fighters from EOKA launched attacks on the British Army and military bases and targets in a bid to force it from the Mediterranean island.
Taff survived bomb blasts and gun attacks with Ken from EOKA terrorists who attacked their RAF base in Cyprus in the late 1950s.
Secret Foreign Office files that came to light contain claims of brutal treatment by British forces in Cyprus, during the 1955-1959 EOKA anti-colonial armed struggle, citing cases of excessive violence and murder of citizens that were under custody.
GIRNE, Nov 9, 2009 (TUR) -- A memorial was unveiled Sunday in Cyprus in remembrance of 371 British servicemen who were killed mostly by terrorist organization EOKA during the period between 1956 and 1959.
Isaac Foot was Liberal MP for Bodmin - the father of Michael, Dingle Foot and Sir Hugh Foot, who was governor of Cyprus when I was a policeman there during the EOKA uprising.
As a RESULT of counter-terrorist operations in various parts of Cyprus during the summer of 1956, a large number of documents, photographs and equipment belonging to the terrorist organization EOKA * have come into the hands of the Security Forces.