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EOLEnd Of Life
EOLEnd Of Line
EOLEnd Of List
EOLEnd Of Lecture
eoLEolithic (Counterstrike Pro gaming clan)
EOLEnd of Lease
EOLExpected Opportunity Loss
EOLEnron Online (Internet trading platform)
EOLEqual Opportunity Leaders
EOLEpsilon Object Language
EOLEngine Off Landing (aviation)
EOLEnd of Lesson
EOLExcel Online
EOLExcess of Loss
EOLEnd of the Orienting Line
EOLElectro Optical Laboratory
EOLExpected Operating Life
EOLIntroduction Enternet Online Limited (New Zealand)
EOLEthan Oliver Leon (gaming; UK)
EOLEncyclopaedia of Life (est. 2007; species database)
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Another reason why psychiatric nursing faculty should consider incorporating elements of EOL care into their courses is that psychiatric problems can occur at any stage of life, including the end of life.
One version finally reached its End of Life while another one is about to approaching its EOL.
When EOL was in full swing, estimates were as high as 30 to 40 times the volume of gas actually consumed were traded electronically.
The modules focus on nursing care at the end of life; pain management; symptom management; ethical and legal issues; cultural considerations in EOL care; communication; grief, loss, and bereavement; preparation and care for the time of death; and achieving quality care at the end of life.
Factors influencing communication in EOL care with attention to the needs and issues of persons who are gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual
Nurses' attitudes toward EOL care were decidedly positive; the affect of provider attitudes on EOL care has been explored.
He may make a "Solid" call to block the EOL, which will tell the pullers to read his block and adjust, depending on what the EOL is doing.
If a business cannot fully implement an upgrade plan before a software platform reaches EOL, Aventis Systems recommends taking the following measures to protect themselves and their organizations:
1 will provide security updates, COTS service packs, and COTS application EOL updates.
As EOL care has become formalized and institutionalized over the past half century, treatment choices have expanded greatly and decisions have become much more complicated.
While certainly true in the case of a robotic cell being configured to meet a given product's demands, today's EOL machines no longer center their technologies on robotics systems.
Other improvements over previous models include an upgraded CPU that offers more memory, more high-speed serial ports and EOL inputs, pull-out connectors, and a choice of battery backup units.