EOLEEst-Ouest Liaison Express (French: East-West Link Express; rail line)
EOLEEducation et Ouverture aux Langues à l'Ecole (French: Language Education and Openness in School)
EOLEEnsemble Ouvert Libre Evolutif (French: Scalable Free Open Set)
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Contact point(s): SNCF Rseau direction de projet EOLE NExTEO
An Eole Water spokesperson told Gulf News in an earlier interview that the company has high expectations of Ghantoot reserve where the wind turbine is expected to produce larger quantities of water given its close proximity to the Gulf shores and high humidity levels along the coast.
The WMS 1000 turbine has undergone punishing field trials in Abu Dhabi since last year to determine its practicality in desert conditions and Eole has now decided to relocate its testing regimen in Dubai, said Thibault Janin, marketing and communications director of Eole Water.
It does this, Eole Water's Thibault Janin explains, using the same process that causes drops to appear on your cold bathroom mirror when you take a hot shower.
Eole Water is testing the invention in France and Abu Dhabi.
On 16 Aug 1971 the French EOLE satellite was launched from the Wallops Island launch facility in the United States, using a Scout rocket.
Eole Water's marketing and communications director Thibault Janin said that early test results show the machine to produce "on average, 62 litres of water per hour with an average humidity rate of 45% and an average temperature 24 Celsius.
Eole II easy open can for HL Foods The easy open end, first used by HL Foods on its HP brand last year may look familiar, but this is a second generation design from canmaker CarnaudMetalbox Food UK.
Contract notice: Eole project - technicentre paris est - redevelopment of the pit lane on 53 and 54.
Thibault Janin, marketing director for Eole Water, said that the company had been conducting tests since November 2011 at Mussafah to see how the wind turbines meet tough weather conditions.
Eole Water, a French company specialising in the design of water production systems, is presenting its new product called the WMS1000 Wind Turbine at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi this week.