EOMPEnd-of-Mission Plan (US NASA)
EOMPEncyclopaedia of Museum Practice (International Council of Museums and International Committee on Documentation)
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In order to test the effectiveness and accuracy of the EOMP method, the following evaluation indicators are introduced in this paper.
In conclusion, the EOMP method, which uses Ilfm dictionary in the combinations of the IQGA and the OMP algorithm, is optimum not only in the accuracy of reconstruction but also in reducing calculation time.
The above simulation results show the EOMP method has a high degree of accuracy in reconstruction of signal.
In Figures 4(a), 4(b), 4(c), and 4(d), by the comparison of the reconstructed signal and the useful signal, the optimum reconstructed signal in the EOMP algorithm is less similar to the useful signal when the noise is bigger.
In the previous section, the EOMP method can extract the useful signal from the noisy signal.
However, waveform and FFT spectrum of the extracted signal [S.sub.1](t) in the EOMP method in Figure 5(d) are similar to the simulated signal [S.sub.1](t) in Figure 5(a), which shows that the EOMP method can relatively accurately obtain the frequency (40 Hz) of the periodic impulse decay signal and its corresponding sideband in frequency domain and not completely but obviously get its waveform due to the influence of noise.
At the sink, the received data is decoded and then the recovery is done through the proposed EOMP algorithm briefed in Section 4.
The main reduction in the processing data is achieved due to the CS-based TMM techniques and EOMP algorithm.
The unimportant component is estimated at the receiver by using EOMP algorithm.
In every iteration, EOMP compares the projection coefficients with that obtained in the previous iteration.
The proposed CS-based image transmission is implemented using EOMP algorithm and TMM technique.
ALGORITHM 3: EOMP. Input: (i) An M x N measurement matrix [PHI] (ii) An M-dimensional measurement vector y (iii) The sparsity level z of the ideal signal and the sparsity basis.