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EOMSExile on Main Street (Rolling Stones album)
EOMSEnterprise Output Management System
EOMSElectro-Optic Missile Sensors
EOMSEast Oldham Middle School (Oldham, KY)
EOMSExtended on Mass Shell (nuclear physics)
EOMSEastleigh Operatic Musical Society
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after 1 h adsorption at 37[degrees]C the plates were washed and the medium replaced with RPMI containing FBS 2% and different concentrations of EOMS, PEO or TTO ranging between 1 and 30[micro]g/ml.
The synergistic action between EOMS and ACV or PEO and ACV was performed after infection of Vero cells with HSV-1 at 0.
The compounds EOMS, PEO or TTO were added at the final concentration of 30 [micro]g/ml during different times of infection with HSV-1 at 0.
3, PEO and TTO were not toxic at all the doses tested, whereas EOMS showed a toxic effect on the cells at 300 [micro]g/ml till the highest dose we used.
And leaving a cover on an EOMS while on a mission impairs the systems' ability to protect the aircraft from a threat.