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EOMSEast Oldham Middle School (Oldham, KY)
EOMSExtended on Mass Shell (nuclear physics)
EOMSEastleigh Operatic Musical Society
EOMSElectro-Optic Missile Sensors
EOMSEnterprise Output Management System
EOMSExile on Main Street (Rolling Stones album)
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To evaluate the potential synergistic effect of EOMS or its essential component used in combination with ACV, all the compounds were used at sub-inhibitory concentrations.
Next, to identify whether EOMS and PEO had the ability to inhibit viral replication in other steps (before or during viral adsorption), Vero cells were pre-incubated with 30 [micro]g/ml of the compounds for 1 h at 37[degrees]C before HSV-1 adsorption.
These results strengthen the specificity of the two oils, EOMS and its main component PEO, in inhibiting HSV-1 replication.
The antiviral activity of EOMS and PEO was due to inhibition of specific steps of virus life-cycle.
In conclusion, the results we obtained in vitro are encouraging and it is strongly advisable to further explore the antiviral properties of EOMS and PEO in vivo models of viral infections.
And leaving a cover on an EOMS while on a mission impairs the systems' ability to protect the aircraft from a threat.