EOMVEnhanced Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
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In both DOCA-salt-hypertensive and normotensive control rats, one-way ANOVA showed that baseline MAP and HR before injection of each dose of EOMV remained essentially invariant (p > 0.
did not significantly affect maximal percent decreases in MAP elicited by EOMV (1 to 20 mg/kg body wt.
Furthermore, maximal percent decreases in MAP and HR elicited by EOMV in uninephrectomized control rats were of similar magnitude to those reported in normotensive intact rats (Lahlou et al.
treatment with EOMV induces dose-dependent decreases in MAP and HR in both DOCA-salt-hypertensive and uninephrectomized control rats.
The observed cardiovascular effects of EOMV in DOCA-salt-hypertensive rats may add antihypertensive activity to the list of therapeutic uses of Mentha x villosa in folk medicine.
The present findings give strong support to our previous hypothesis that hypotensive response to EOMV results from its vasodilatory action directly upon vascular smooth muscle.
EOMV and hexamethonium bromide are greater in conscious DOCA-salt-hypertensive rats than in uninephrectomized controls, and (2) enhancement of EOMV-induced hypotension remained unaffected by i.