EONAEuropean Online News Association
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EONA said it will deploy SecureMedia protection across 5,500 IPTV access points within 45 hotels and hospitals in seven countries.
By working with Amino, we have ensured that our hospitality IPTV solution offers the highest levels of performance and flexibility for our customers," noted GrÃ(C)gory Louf, Sales Director for EONA.
SecureMedia gives us the protection and assurance to provide a variety of premium video to our customers with earlier release windows," said Antoine Girard, managing director of EONA.
SecureMedia has helped EONA meet content owners' new stringent security requirements, including the popular French broadcaster Canal+, which now requires advanced encryption of its content prior to delivery in the hospitality and healthcare environments.
SecureMedia allows partners like EONA to confidently enter these markets, knowing that they're up-to-date with the ever-changing content protection requirements.