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EONSEuropean Oncology Nursing Society (Brussels, Belgium)
EONSEnhanced Operator Name String
EONSElectronic Output Network System
EONSEden Organic Nursery Services, Inc. (Hallandale, FL)
EONSExecutive Office of Neighborhood Services (Worcester, Massachusetts)
EONSEarly Onset Neonatal Sepsis (post-birth infection)
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Organic links are sparking meet-up opportunities across the Eons site, engaging members on multiple levels.
com, Eons has attracted a team of renowned advisors and industry-leading partners and is backed by venture capital financing from General Catalyst Partners, Sequoia Capital, Charles River Ventures and Intel Capital, as well as Humana, Inc.
Keeping your mind alive is the secret sauce to longevity, and with Eons Brain Builders, we're challenging 50+ Americans to continue exercising their brains along their journey of living the biggest life possible," says Taylor.
The amount of time that Web visitors spend on Eons tells marketers that baby boomers are drawn to the Web 2.
Eons will be the center for accomplishing lifelong dreams, serving as a fire-starter for goals many boomers and seniors never thought or believed they could attain.
The Eons generation is loud and proud when it comes to politics, and the discussion is only going to get hotter.
Through the collaboration, Eons is looking to drive cost-efficient, 50+ age category traffic to its website.
With Bunchball powered games, Eons members will have the opportunity to match-up with fellow members to play a variety of interactive games, or invite players from outside the Eons community, including their children and grandchildren who are already actively gaming online.
Eons is putting out a challenge to make the most of this time and, starting today, invites all spirited individuals 50+ to join.
Advertisers and marketers can't afford to ignore the incredible power, wealth and online choices of the 78 million baby boomers in America," says Taylor, founder and CEO of Eons.
Hyatt, headquartered in Chicago, is one of five corporate founding partners aligning with Eons as it prepares for its July 31 launch.
Answering the growing demand from its hundreds of thousands of visitors who want to connect with others online, Eons today announced Eons People, a dedicated area featuring a new suite of community tools for finding and interacting with those who share similar interests and passions.