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EONSEarly Onset Neonatal Sepsis (post-birth infection)
EONSEuropean Oncology Nursing Society (Brussels, Belgium)
EONSExecutive Office of Neighborhood Services (Worcester, Massachusetts)
EONSEnhanced Operator Name String
EONSElectronic Output Network System
EONSEden Organic Nursery Services, Inc. (Hallandale, FL)
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Jim Hannah, an Eons member and avid photographer, embraces the Eons challenge to engage with others around their deepest interests.
Extensive research by longevity expert and Eons advisor Dr.
Eons will be the center for accomplishing lifelong dreams, serving as a fire-starter for goals many boomers and seniors never thought or believed they could attain.
Through the collaboration, Eons is looking to drive cost-efficient, 50+ age category traffic to its website.
com Web site debuts with 10 leading-edge products, four developed around the key pillars of this generation's lives - Body, Money, Love and Fun - and four unique, database-driven products that improve with member feedback and engagement, including cRANKy(TM) a simpler age-relevant search engine; Eons Goals, where people create and tackle their list of life dreams; Obits, the largest national free obituary center; and LifeMap, a collaborative online tool to visually map and share life stories.
In keeping with the Eons spirit, Seymour has "Top 10'd" herself and identified at least 10 goals she wants to accomplish before she is 100:
Eons is putting the power of a full, healthy life into individuals' hands.
Eons Ahead was formed in November 1997 to, in the words of its founders, "campaign against a prevailing Internet atmosphere that wasn't concerned with creating quality work, and to address the need for a new type of Web site.
NASDAQ: NWRE) today introduced Eon - The Anything Box(TM) - the first customizable Linux information appliance specifically designed for business-to-business (B2B) applications.
EON Systems is the proud creator of the Digital Office[TM] combining The Practice Solution[TM] (full-featured billing and scheduling software), Documentor (EHR noting software) and Document Solution[TM] (document management and storage).
EON further caters to the students by offering a package specifically designed for their needs.