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EOPEducational Opportunity Program (California State University)
EOPEmergency Operations Plan
EOPExecutive Office of the President
EOPEarth Orientation Parameters
EoPEthernet Over Power
EOPEquity Office Properties Trust (ticker)
EOPEnd of Period
EOPExplanation of Payment
EOPElevation of Privilege (computer security game; Microsoft)
EOPEqual Opportunity Program(s)
EOPEnd of Pipe
EOPEnd Of Program
EOPEnglish for Occupational Purposes
EOPEngine Oil Pressure
EOPEmergency Operating Procedure
EOPEnd of Production
EOPEdge of Pavement
EOPEnd of Process
EOPEnd of Procedure
EOPExternal Occipital Protuberance
EOPElements of Performance
EOPEnhanced Outpatient Program (prison systems)
EOPEnd of Part (radomes)
EOPEarly Oil Project (Baku, Azerbaijan)
EOPEnvironmental Operating Principles (USACE)
EOPEffective Operational Proficiency (language examination)
EOPEnglish Only Policy (education)
EOPEnemy of the People
EOPEnd Of Output
EOPEruption of Pures (gaming clan)
EOPEnd of Post
EOPEnd of Play
EOPEquipment Operating Procedure
EOPElevated Optical Platform
EOPEmergency Oxygen Pack
EOPEdge of Panic
EOPEmergency Offtake Point
EOPEducational Opportunity Period
EOPElectro-Optical Processing/Processor
EOPExchange Operating Procedure
EOPEscalation of Privileges (exploit)
EOPEffect on Payroll (finance)
EOPEngineering Operational Procedure
EOPEye on the People (CBS Cable News Channel)
EOPEmployee Option Program
EOPExternal Operating Profit
EoPExercise on Prescription (healthcare; various locations)
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He said: "We are delighted that EOP round two will enable more initiatives such as The Glass Academy to flourish - as well as providing round one bidders with the opportunity to build on their successful bids.
In its drive to diversify sources of national income and expand the industrial base, the Saudi government is fully aware of the importance of creating an advanced industrial base in various industries, particularly defense industries and military and civilian aviation sector, he said, adding the EOP has become a major source of economic development.
Monitoring of EOP and station positions are provided by modern space geodetic techniques: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Very Long-Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), Satellite and Lunar Laser Ranging (SLR, LLR) and Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite (DORIS).
The White House said it is being cautious by asking the provider it hires to capture either all citizen comments posted or to be able to capture a sample of comments using a sampling methodology provided by the EOP.
The largest portion was for reported reimbursements to EOP from Treasury, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Labor for staging costs totaling $1,651,460, while reported travel costs included $437,887 for the use of Air Force One and Air Force Two, $369,838 for EOP officials' travel, and $66,794 for travel by Treasury and SSA officials.
EOP was born out of brilliantly timed distressed purchases, typical for Sam, of great office buildings in the early and mid 1990's, which were then rolled up into a public company, which then grew by acquisitions in Boston, the Pacific Northwest and, in fact, all over the country.
Estimate the value for EOP stock using the constant growth model.
Selection of the correct common-mode choke coil is the key to reducing noise, maintaining high-speed signal quality, and preserving the EOP signal, After testing and reviewing the data, the 90-[omega] common-mode choke coil proves to be the most effective choice.
To test hypotheses (2a) and (2b), a categorical variable is created that divides the sample by ethnicity and gender (as above), but also according to whether the respondent is in an EOP workplace.
On occasion, the only justification for using EOP discounting is mere client preference.
He served as the Chief Investment Officer of EOP for two time periods -- 2003 to 2007 and 1997 to 1999.
Today, precise and actual EOP are necessarily needed for space navigation of satellites, maintaining time with Earth's rotation etc.