EOPAEconomic Opportunity Planning Association (Toledo, OH)
EOPAEarth Observation Partnership of the Americas
EOPAEqual Opportunity Practitioners' Association (Australia)
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But there were still huge variations across the country, and eight out of 10 patients are still charged for widely-used complementary treatments such as acupuncture or ost eopa hy.
Another language archive that also focuses on collecting audio- and video-ethnographic materials is the Ethnographic E-Research Online Presentation System (EOPAS; http://eopas.org, accessed 08-01-2016).
(10.) For more technical details on the EOPAS system see Schroeter and Thieberger (2006).
Todo era alli como un recuerdo: los pajaros rondando alrededor de arboles ya idos, furiosos por cantar sobre ramas preteritas; el viento, trajinando de una retama a otra, pidiendo largamente eopas verdes y altas que agitar para sentirse sonoro; las bocas, las manos y las frentes, buscando donde sombrearse de frescura, de amoroso descanso.
Dounreay and Sellafield currently use the EOPAS system, IMASS use