EOPDEast Orange Police Department (New Jersey)
EOPDEarly Onset Parkinson's Disease
EOPDElectro-Optical Products Division (ITT)
EOPDEastern and Oriental Property Development, Bhd. (Malaysia)
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We propose that the 9-bp deletion located in the small region between two functional genes may affect the intergenic structure, leading to an abnormal molecular conformation which could cause a protective function against EOPD.
In summary, we speculate that mtDNA haplogroup B might confer a lower risk for EOPD and people younger than 50 years in Han Chinese, while haplogroup D probably lead a higher risk of PD in people younger than 50 years of age.
5 years, the study focussed mainly on recruiting EOPD patients and/or those with a positive family history of PD (as these were thought to harbour a greater genetic component).
Patient demographic and clinical characteristics (N=397) EOPD LOPD n (%) n (%) p-value Gender (N=397) 0.
Terms in equation (1) stand for score of ith respondent on EOPD, Item 1, Item 2, Item 3 and Item 4 of PWEI respectively.
Score of the ith individual on PWEI is an aggregation of her scores on the subscales of EOPD, FSPF and CIPR and is calculated as follows:
EOPD and FSPF jointly represent structural aspects of the work environment and CIPR represents the relationship aspect.
39) Mas recientemente se logro verificar el extenso efecto fundador de la mutacion Cys212Tyr en un grupo de pacientes antioquenos con EOPD y se identifico una segunda mutacion que segrega con pacientes portadores de dicha mutacion.
El gen con mayor implicacion en la etiologia de formas familiares y aun esporadicas de JPD y EOPD es PARK2.