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EOQEconomic Order(ing) Quantity
EOQEuropean Organization for Quality
EOQEnergy Ombudsman Queensland (dispute resolution service; Australia)
EOQEnd of Quarter
EOQEquipment Operation Qualification
EOQEstimated Order Quantity (wholesale merchandise)
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EOQ each quarter of 2009 = [square root of (2*(quarterly demand)*($25)]/($2.
The point here is that since the manufacturing segment's total cost is dependent upon the distribution segment's order size and the distribution segment's EOQ depends on the transfer price set by the manufacturing segment, alternate forms of the transfer price, [C.
1998, An EOQ model for items Weibull distribution deterioration shortages and trended demandD an extension of Philip's model.
Samanta, An EOQ model for deteriorating items with stock--dependent time varying demand, Tamsui Oxford Journal of Management Sciences 20 (2004), 37-46.
A 1998 study by the Air Force Logistics Management Agency (AFLMA) showed that, in some special cases, retail support for consumable parts could be improved by ordering more frequently from DLA than the EOQ approach would dictate.
Students need to be exposed to both the quantitative aspects of inventory management, such as JIT, ERP, and EOQ, but the qualitative aspects can be more difficult to understand.
Using standard EOQ assumptions, earlier works (Naddor, 1966; Brown, 1967; Tersine & Grasso, 1978; Taylor & Bradley, 1985; Lev & Weiss, 1990) developed prescriptive models for determining an optimal special order quantity for a retailer in a variety of OTOS situations.
An EOQ model for deteriorating items with time varying demand and partial backlogging.
Until a few years ago, the EOQ model was used to calculate stock levels and place orders, while the forecasts used to calculate the levels and reorder point were based solely on historical demands.
Vogtle is also a certified EOQ (European Organization of Quality) quality auditor.