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EOQEconomic Order(ing) Quantity
EOQEuropean Organization for Quality
EOQEnergy Ombudsman Queensland (dispute resolution service; Australia)
EOQEnd of Quarter
EOQEquipment Operation Qualification
EOQEstimated Order Quantity (wholesale merchandise)
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Pattnayak, "An EOQ inventory model for deteriorating items with varying trapezoidal type demand rate and Weibull distribution deterioration," Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, vol.
In a world characterized by Lean, e-procurement, and long-term strategic purchasing contracts, the goal is not to use the EOQ but rather to move to a strategy of building what is required, when required, or ordering the minimum shipping quantity (if this is larger).
Descriptive statistics, mean and standard deviation predictors pre 6 months 2 years M SD M SD M SD EOQ 1.
Asimismo, el modelo EOQ se puede considerar como el mas sencillo y fundamental de todos los modelos de inventario, pues este describe el importante compromiso entre los costos fijos y los costos de mantener el inventario, y es la base para la implementacion de sistemas mucho mas complejos [2, 9].
The argument for JIT stems from the fact that the benefits of low inventory are not incorporated into the EOQ model, and that the costs of holding inventory are vastly underspecified.
Modelos de inventario a utilizar Clasificacion ABC multicriterio Clasificacion A B C estadistica A EOQ con stock EOQ basico de seguridad B El sistema experto selecciona, C para estos ambitos de consumo, el modelo que presente costo D minimo entre los siguientes modelos: Algoritmo Wagner- E Whitin (WW), Algoritmo Silver- Meal (SM), Costo Unitario Minimo F (CUM) o Balanceo de Periodo Fragmentado (BPF).
In the EOQ model adapted to optimize cash the optimal configuration is achieved according to the relationship between the cost opportunity and the transfer cost.
El costo de cada faltante, se toma en cuenta en los modelos EOQ, MH y S y es lo que se deja de ganar por no tener el bien disponible.
In this model, adapted from the EOQ for the cash optimization, the optimal configuration is obtained as a function of the relationship between the opportunity cost and transaction cost.
Regardless of its simplicity, the EOQ model is still applied industry-wide today.
Whitin's (1955) model would adhere to all the assumptions of the EOQ model stated above, except that demand is price sensitive, with a known and stationary demand curve, a retailer's optimal strategy would be, once again, to buy a fixed quantity for every inventory cycle and to sell it at a single price.