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EORAElderly-Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis
EORAEastern Outdoor Reps Association (Asheville, NC)
EORAEastern Oregon Rural Alliance
EORAExplosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Agent
EORAExplosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Agency
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In addition, the methotrexate doses are also lower in patients with LORA while the rate of discontinuation of this drug is higher in EORA patients.
The most important item to monitor in making a distinction between LORA and EORA is the functional level of the late-onset patients since they have greater disability levels and higher functional impairment.
It is tempting to suggest that Eo-ra and Koray, Kore, Koorie, Kuri, Cooree and Gooree are in some way related and, although the linguistic evidence is scant, Eora may be a misconstruction or error in transcription--and unlikely to be corrected by local Aborigines, who were never entirely sure the British were using an English term or supposed native term.
52) The scope for misconstruction when there was no standard phonetic system was great, although whatever the similarity in the meaning of Eora and Kuri, emanating as they do from different periods, still does not provide the evidence in either case for a 'tribal' entity.
The account seems straightforward and is taken by Ross as conclusive evidence that 'these two Cadigal men, from the Eora territory .
For instance, in the entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography, a source seen with certainty by researchers, the entry on the early Aboriginal warrior, Musquito, suggests he 'was probably an Eora (Gai-Mariagal) man, born on the north shore of Port Jackson'.
19) Keith Vincent Smith, Eora Clans: a history of Indigenous social organisation in Coastal Sydney, 1770-1890, unpublished MA thesis, Macquarie University, 2004.
79 Australians died and 145 were wounded at Eora Creek, more than in any other battle in the Owen Stanley mountains.
The Japanese held the high ridge over Eora Creek gorge, giving them a significant geographical advantage over the Australians.
Despite so many soldiers unaccounted for, the location of this pivotal final battle was thought to be closer to Eora Creek - until today.
He shows that almost all victims of attacks by Eora people were convicts and this thus reduced military retaliation against the Eora people.
The British authorities, a group or an individual, may have released it and Butlin speculates without evidence that the Eora themselves may have accidentally done it.