EORMEnvironmental and Occupational Risk Management
EORMEnhanced Object-Relationship Model
EORMEmergency Override Memory
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BSI would significantly promote EORM s ability for providing a wider range of environmental, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability services to clients.
Our existing system was error prone and inefficient, the Deltek solution could not support our growing business," said Paul Johnson, CFO of EORM.
The Environmental, Health and Safety e-Counsel[TM] will allow managers to electronically submit questions to experts at EORM and receive guidance within 24 hours.
In EORM, we've partnered with an EH&S expert that is helping us create new, innovative programs to address historically poor results related to EH&S dealership practices," said Lon Leneve, President of Compli.
EORM, having worked in a variety of industries, will bring a new perspective in safety and environmental practices to the dealership industry," said Stephen Craig, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at EORM.
With approximately 100 employees, five offices, and an international client base, EORM is an established leader in the application of EHS tools and strategies for the semiconductor, electronics, biotechnology, and other rapidly changing and competitive industries.
Bill Fraser brings a wealth of experience to EORM in EHS management, process safety, and potent compound handling," commented Glenn Fishler, EORM president and CEO.
As costs and other market factors continue to drive manufacturing and engineering off-shore, many EORM clients are expanding their capabilities to meet international market requirements.
Andy Ellis is an expert in international EHS consulting and a perfect fit for the EORM Emerging Services business.
Historically, EORM has had a strong Southern California client base," commented Glenn Fishler, the Company's president and CEO.
Bellows added, "With RiskResolve, we will also be able to easily populate information for SOX within a proven EORM framework that will make available to our business managers critical data they need for risk and control self-assessment.