EORPEarly Orbit Rehearsal Committee
EORPEarly Orbit Run Plan
EORPEnd of Reporting Period
EORPEustado Ondapondiente du Radio Patio
EORPExecutive Options and Rights Plan (Australia)
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The Dong Fang business utilizes its technology (covered by the EORP Patents) and operating experience to significantly enhance oil production from wells that have high pour point oil, high viscosity oil, high wax content oil and where the oil is "super heavy".
The Company's unique EORP technology has been previously successfully tested on hundreds of wells in China where it has increased existing production levels from 50% to 100%.
Dans le meme ordre d'idee, Pigeon participera, avec Pau1 Gerin-Lajoie, au projet de loi 60, dont les objectifs visent a retirer le controle de l'enseignement au eorps ecclesiastique en creant le ministere de l'Education quebecois (17).