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EOSEarth Observing System
EOSEnd of Sale
EOSEquation(s) Of State
EOSEnd of Support
EOSEquations of State
EOSEuropean Optical Society
EOSElectrical Overstress
EOSEnd Of Screen
EOSEthernet Over SONET (Synchronous Optical Network)
EOSEnd of Season
EOSElectro-Optical System (Canon Cameras)
EOSEconomies of Scale
EOSEnd of Story
EOSEnd Of String
EOSEarth Observation Satellite
EoSEdge of Sanity (band)
EOSEmployee Opinion Survey
EOSEnd of Sequence
EOSEnemy Of the State
EOSEnd of Session
EOSEnd of Study
EOSErweiterte Oberschule (extended high school; Germany)
EOSEnd of Show (IRC)
EOSEgyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control
EOSElectronic Order System
EOSEquation Operating System
EOSElectro-Optic Sampling
EOSElectronic Office Supplies
EOSEnd of Shift
EOSElectro-Optical Sensor
EOSEnd Of Selection
EOSExplorers of Sky (game)
EOSEgyptian Orthodontic Society
EOSEarth Orbiting System
EOSEnglish for Office Skills
EOSEnhanced Operating System
EOSEnd of Set
EOSElectrophoresis Operations in Space
EOSEquivalent Opening Size (geotextile fabrics)
EOSEducational Opportunity Service (ACT, Inc.)
EOSEmergency Oxygen System
EoSEater of Souls (gaming)
EOSElectro-Optical Systems, Inc.
EOSEstimate of the Situation
EOSÉcole Ouvrière Supérieure (French; graduate school; Brussels, Belgium)
EOSEarly-Onset Sarcoidosis
EOSEnclosed Operating Station
EOSEarth Orbit Shuttle
EOSEngineering Operating Station
EOSExecutive & Operating System
EOSEnd Of Sweep
EOSEstablishment of Cohesion
EOSExtended Ownership Security
EOSExxon Office Systems
EOSEquipment Out of Service
EOSEmergency Oil System
EOSElectronic Online Services
EOSEagles of Serbia (virtual flight squadron)
EOSEnvironmental Outreach & Stewardship
EOSEligible for Overseas
EOSEBO Synchronizer (DoD)
EOSExecutive Off-Site
EOSEmergency Operations Staff
EOSEmployed Operational State
EOSEarth Observing Station
EOSExtended Operation System
EOSExtended Output System
EOSEvolutionary Object Store
EOSExtended Observation Service (healthcare)
EOSEquipment Only Support
EOSEngine Order System
EOSEpidemiological Outbreak Surveillance
EOSEnd of Service (various companies)
EOSEnterprise Open Source (software)
EOSEnterprise Operating System (software)
EOSExtension of Stay (various organizations)
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com/r/eos/comments/7wzqy9/does_us_accredited_investor_are_eligible_to/) regular Americans seeking to buy EOS tokens, which might make it hard for average Puerto Ricans to participate in the community.
Adrian Keppler, CEO of EOS GmbH, stated, I am delighted that over 20 years of successful collaboration between EOS and FIT AG in the field of Additive Manufacturing of polymer parts are now being extended to include metal components.
EOS imaging designs, develops, and markets EOS, an innovative medical imaging system dedicated to osteoarticular pathologies and orthopaedics, as well as associated solutions.
The AF system in these cameras is a high-precision 61-point high-density reticular AF on par with that of the EOS 5D Mark III.
The EOS system provides full-body stereo-radiographic images of patients in functional positions, in both 2D and 3D, as well as related software solutions.
In June 2011 EOS Defence Systems Pte Limited was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of EOS in Singapore.
The EOS 1100D and 600D have not been priced in India as of now, but we figure the 1100D should be marginally costlier than the 1000D.
The five-piece roof, which folds away in less than 30 seconds to transform the Eos from coupe to open top, is the first to include an electronic sunroof.
Available under For News Media is the Earth Observatory Newsroom, which contains press releases on the latest EOS research, NASA news announcements, and a list of newly published research.
Munich-based EOS has estimated that damages for the infringement amount to at least $40 million and asserts that DTM's infringement was willful.
of EOS powder materials in SLS systems currently sold by 3D Systems or previously by DTM Corp.
Conductor Jonathan Sheffer's Eos Orchestra breaks the rules of the stuffy classical music world