EOSAEthylene Oxide Sterilization Association (Washington, DC)
EOSAEmanuel Old Scholars' Association (Australia)
EOSAEuropean Office Supply Alliance
EOSAEastern Ontario Swimming Association
EOSASeaman Apprentice, Engineering Aide Striker (Naval Rating)
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This is because with the increase of number of sensors, a large number of sensors could fall in boundary region of monitoring region, algorithm LAASD is used to adjust working direction to avoid the IEFOV and EOSA, but algorithm OSRCEA ignore reducing IEFOV of sensors by adjustment of its working direction.
Algo similar ocurrio en mayo de 1986, cuando EOSA editorial concluyo la impresion, con prologo de Octavio Paz, de la obra en dos volumenes Tres revolucionarios, tres testimonios: Francisco I.
In 1983 the ICG reported 481 EOSA, 10,414 total employees, 7,086 miles of road, and 24,351 billion ton-miles.