EOSATEarth Observation Satellite (Company)
EOSATEarth Observation Satellite Company
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Author's note: the other two companies, WorldView Inc/EarthWatch (with the satellite Earlybird) and EOSAT (with Landsat 6), both failed because the satellites did not launch successfully.
Marino, Environmental Geologist, Space Imaging EOSAT, Thornton, Co.
Before he got the call, Blackmore had received satellite imagery from EOSAT showing the Mississippi River and other rivers around St.
While the government owns the satellites pays for their operation, it gives the data to the EOSAT company in Lanham, Md.
Many scientists have criticized the switch, in part because EOSAT quadrupled the price of standard images when it took over.
The Lockheed Martin Space Systems design will incorporate the LM 900 bus, used on the IKONOS commercial remote sensing spacecraft built for Space Imaging EOSAT of Thornton, Colo.
The dual use of these satellites enables Space Imaging EOSAT, the exclusive provider of IRS imagery to global markets, to offer 5.
For Space Imaging EOSAT, which has an exclusive agreement with ANTRIX to market and distribute IRS imagery worldwide, the addition of IRS-1D means its portfolio of advanced Earth information products - already the largest and most diverse in the world - just became even bigger and more robust.
Said the same panelist, "It could begin to form when EOSAT [the group that markets Landsat data] and SPOT get tired of throwing money at the problem, when Congress takes Gramm-Rudman-Hollings seriously, and when someone sees other countries as a set of partners eager to help share costs, and more importantly, help promote the use of [remote sensing] systems.
Space Imaging EOSAT currently sells earth information from a constellation of satellites including the Indian IRS-1C, which provides five-meter imagery.
As an example, there are millions of SPOT and EOSAT satellite images of the earth available and the challenge is to find the best images which overlap an area of interest.
today announced that it intends to purchase Hughes' share of EOSAT, the Earth Observation Satellite Co.