EOSATEarth Observation Satellite (Company)
EOSATEarth Observation Satellite Company
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(69.) Author's note: the other two companies, WorldView Inc/EarthWatch (with the satellite Earlybird) and EOSAT (with Landsat 6), both failed because the satellites did not launch successfully.
In 1993, Landsat 6, the only notable product of the government's contract with EOSAT, failed to reach orbit, and the $256.5 million spacecraft plunged into the Pacific.
Digital Landsat TM imagery (30-m spatial resolution) for the North Caucasus and Teberda National Park areas, where collecting would be more concentrated, came from Earth Observation Satellite Corporation (EOSAT, Lanham, MD).
Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry; MSS, Multi-Spectral Scanner; TM, Thematic Mapper; UTM; universal transverse mercator; DEM, digital elevation model; EROS, Earth Resources Observation Systems; EOSAT, Earth Observation Satellite Corporation.
EOSAT's Norman, OK, ground station already receives data from the IRS-1B; it is the first station outside of India with this capability.
Gallo Winery, EOSAT, and Baltimore Gas & Electric have seen it as a good vehicle for contributing to environmental improvement.
Marino, Environmental Geologist, Space Imaging EOSAT, Thornton, Co.
Before he got the call, Blackmore had received satellite imagery from EOSAT showing the Mississippi River and other rivers around St.
While the government owns the satellites pays for their operation, it gives the data to the EOSAT company in Lanham, Md., which sells the images.
Said the same panelist, "It could begin to form when EOSAT [the group that markets Landsat data] and SPOT get tired of throwing money at the problem, when Congress takes Gramm-Rudman-Hollings seriously, and when someone sees other countries as a set of partners eager to help share costs, and more importantly, help promote the use of [remote sensing] systems.'