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EOSDISEarth Observing System Data and Information System (US NASA)
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Standard EOSDIS metadata include spatial coverage, time coverage, type of data, sensor type, campaign name, level of processing, etc.
Users can also see that parameters and years are covered relatively uniformly in this hypothetical EOSDIS dataset collection.
Using figures, such as the Smithsonian Institution's 10 million hits per day or the 50,000 EOSDIS (NASA) users per month, is a more realistic method for determining the value of digital information projects.
If budget problems continue, EOSDIS will likely be reoriented and downsized.
In particular, the space agency has not devoted enough funding or attention to building prototypes of critical EOSDIS elements.
Every day the EOSDIS system receives 3 terabytes of new data from its five satellites and distributes 2 terabytes of data to researchers around the world.
15, 1997--Hughes Information Technology Systems (HITS) has demonstrated the ability of the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) to process and archive global climate change data needed to support NASA's Mission to Planet Earth Program.
An unprecedented environmental monitoring effort, EOSDIS will help determine how human activities are affecting environmental conditions around the world.
The project procurement for the Illustra DBMS from Informix was made by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) on behalf of Hughes Information Technology Systems, the prime contractor for the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) project.
EMASS was selected by Hughes Information Technology Systems (HITS), NASA's prime contractor for the EOSDIS project, and by Electronic Data Systems Inc.