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EOSDISEarth Observing System Data and Information System (US NASA)
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In fiscal year 2014, the Raytheon-backed EOSDIS managed:
In particular, the space agency has not devoted enough funding or attention to building prototypes of critical EOSDIS elements.
Every day the EOSDIS system receives 3 terabytes of new data from its five satellites and distributes 2 terabytes of data to researchers around the world.
Raytheon developed the core components of EOSDIS, called the EOSDIS core system, which became operational in 1999; it provides data ingest, archive and distribution services at data centers that manage earth observing data.
SM&A President & COO Michael Piraino said, "This contract addition solidifies our participation in the EOSDIS program through 2002 and increases our corporate-wide backlog to approximately $150 million.
The IIMS will be able to broker orders for data outside EOSDIS, and will allow scientists to track placed order status.
Raytheon is the prime contractor for NASA's EOSDIS Core System.
Once it becomes fully operational in 1998, EOSDIS is expected to gather more than one terabyte of environmental data per day.
Horrigan, project manager for the EOSDIS core program at EDS, "We needed powerful, flexible query and reporting tools to use with very large databases and a large number of users.
As part of its contract with the EOSDIS project, Informix will develop a 4D Spatial DataBlade software module that will support longitude, latitude, height and time -- as well as easy indexing of those disparate information types.
Client/server database technology is absolutely critical to the success of EOSDIS and we are confident that we made the best choice with Sybase," said Robert A.