EOSSElectro-Optical Sensor System (US Navy)
EOSSExpeditionary Operations Support Squadron (US Air Force)
EOSSEngineering Operational Sequencing System
EOSSEnd of Software Support
EOSSEdge of Space Sciences, Inc (Denver, Colorado)
EOSSElectro-Optical Simulation System
EOSSEnterprise Open Source Solutions (software series)
EOSSEnd Of Shift Summary
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The EOSS has been administered to a sample of students and patients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and results indicated that the BPD patients have a strong degree of public control over their experience of self.
However, to print curves with that you have to select a scale that includes all the marks, and so if the deviation is fairly wide (as with the EOSS system), the overall resolution makes the curve look better than it is.
This is the final contract option from a sole-source NAVSEA contract that was awarded to L-3 KEO in 2011 and raises the total number of MK 20 EOSSs ordered to 61.
EOSS items specifically ask respondents about their feelings, needs, attitudes, opinions and actions, and the degree to which these experiences are influenced by casual social relations versus intimate relations and if they occur in company versus when alone.
ORACLE maintenance contract EOSS Bundle 16550 was extended by one year.
The 455th EOSS Team improved airfield safety while providing Bagram organizations with 24/7 weather and Intel support.
Destined to unify and simplify financial administration in Germany, German fiscal authorities have introduced a uniform IT platform for their 650 revenue offices around the country - standardizing on EOSS (Evolutionary Oriented Tax Software).
Manufacturer: EOSS Corporation, 19420 Hallmark Lane, Cerritos, California 90703; 562/809-8630 www.
Having our NetPlus product on the Approved Product List opens the opportunity to market and sell throughout the DoD arena," said Ben Gray, Vice President of ACE*COMM's EOSS group.
The EOSS II contract was awarded as a task order under the Department of Defense/Systems Integration, Design, Development, Operations and Maintenance Services 3 (D/SIDDOMS 3) contract vehicle, a multiple-award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides the MHS, its components and the Department of Veterans Affairs the ability to order services, equipment, materials and facilities to design, test and operate information technology systems and system components.
Previews of Coming Attractions: Among the equipment we have in or have been promised for review are speakers/subwoofers from Ascend, Bugtussel, Energy, EOSS, Legacy Audio, Martin-Logan, SV Subwoofers, Triad, and Von Schweikert; and much more, including plenty of music reviews and our vain attempt to understand the audiophile implications of Shakira.
Being on the Approved Products List gives us the opportunity to market and sell throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) and allows the customer to purchase the full NetPlus suite," said Ben Gray, Vice President of ACE*COMM's EOSS group.