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EOSTEcole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre (French)
EOSTEnd of Season Trip (various organizations)
EOSTEcstasy of Saint Theresa (band)
EOSTEnd of Season Tournament (sports)
EOSTElectronic Octamer Sequencing Technology
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The ESMOE training must cover the management of obstetric haemorrhage and surgical skills, incorporating EOST (emergency drills) training
Correlation between numbers of EOST drills reported for CPD points and change in iMMR per district.
Plans are under way to monitor and evaluate the programme but, realistically, a significant fall in mortality rates owing to ESMOE training will only occur when EOST exercises are conducted in all sites conducting births.
The present study will be a step to achieve the aim of the EDA EOST CapTech to promote the cooperation in research on establishing an advanced open architecture that enables combination of different sensors in multiple physical configurations (e.